Undergraduate Research Program in Statistics

Look for an update on this page by late December 2022 about research opportunities for Summer 2023.

The application is now closed for Summer 2022. The application deadline was Monday, February 14th 2022.


This research opportunity is for Stanford University undergraduate students only.


The Undergraduate Research Program in Statistics will be 10 weeks starting in the summer. Start and end dates will be discussed between Faculty mentors and mentees. 

Applicants are encouraged to apply if they have met the following prerequisites:

  • Have not conferred your undergraduate degree (including coterm students).
  • Applicants should have taken coursework in math, probability, statistics, data science, R, and computer programming:
  • Some course examples include: MCS 120, STATS 32, 48N, 60, 101, 116, 141, 191, 195, 200, 202, 216, 217, 229, MATH 51-53, 151, MS&E 120, 125, 226, CS 106A/B, 103, 107, 109

*Note: additional prerequisites might be required based on the specific work for each project. Faculty mentors will disseminate this information if a potential match is found.*


Faculty Mentors:

Data Science Methods development: 

  • John Duchi (Statistics)
  • Julia Palacios (Statistics & Biomedical Data Science)
  • James Zou (Biomedical Data Science)
  • Students are encouraged to connect with Statistics faculty and see if any member would be open to doing a summer project. 

Domain scientist with challenging data projects: 

  • Russ Poldrack (Psychology)
  • Jennifer Pan (Communications)
  • Emmanuel Mignot (Psych/Sleep Medicine)
  • Nilam Ram (Communication & Psychology)
  • Nidhi Bhutani (Orthopaedic Surgery) 
  • Julia Salzman (Biomedical Data Science & Biochemistry) 
  • Fiorenza Micheli (Hopkins Marine Station & Marine Science)
  • David Grusky (Economics)
  • Data Science for Social Good program (Concurrent application needed)

It is strongly recommended that students concurrently apply to the Data Science for Social Good program to widen options. 


VPUE’s Student Grant Stipend & Eligibility:

Stipend: $7,500, with a need-based supplement (of up to $1500) for eligible students.

***To ensure student applicants are eligible, please review VPUE’s Eligibility webpage.*** 


  • Availability: Full-time opportunities may only be offered during the Summer Quarter.
  • Time Commitment: Full-time means devoting 35+ hours/week for 10 consecutive weeks, i.e., it is the student's primary activity that quarter.
  • Students with a full time grant through a Departmental or Faculty Grant cannot receive an additional VPUE part-time grant within the same quarter.
  • Full-time VPUE Faculty/Department Grant student recipients are not permitted to engage in another full-time internship, job, or volunteer opportunity (whether funded by Stanford or otherwise), unless their faculty mentors or program mentors have approved these arrangements.
  • As a reminder, VPUE grant recipients who are planning on concurrently participating in another Stanford program should also abide by the funding and program policies of the sponsoring unit.

Preference for successful faculty/student matches are given to Mathematical and Computational Science majors, however any Stanford undergraduate that meets our prerequisites may apply. 


Previous research topics include:

  • Evaluating the Role of long-non coding RNAs in Osteoarthritis
  • Small Maritime Vessel Detection in Medium Resolution Satellite Imagery using Deep Learning
  • Genetic Basis of Biomarker Variation
  • Predictive modeling of harmful algal blooms (HABs)
  • Causal inference & evaluating behavioral programs
  • Data Mining Analysis
  • Computational Statistics & Multivariate Analysis
  • Analysis of multivariate microarray data
  • Kaggle NASA image analysis
  • Human Microbiome studies


Application Materials:

  • CV/Resume with work history and relevant experience
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Application Form


Contact stat-summer-research-info [at] lists.stanford.edu if you have any questions.


Room, board, house dues and other academic expenses are paid by the student. Students are responsible for paying their university summer bill, which will include any other academic expenses incurred. Please consult the housing office for more information regarding rates and summer housing deadlines.

Campus Housing for summer quarter


Applications open March 30, 2022, and are due April 18, 2022.

Stanford students living in housing spring quarter and the upcoming autumn quarter are eligible to live in summer quarter housing regardless of their enrollment status. These students may choose an 8 or 10-week contract.