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Training Program in Biostatistics for Personalized Medicine

This program is administered by the Department of Statistics.

Personalized medicine will change the way we deliver health care, with the development of medical interventions tailored to an individual’s unique genetic makeup and health history. Scholars in the Training Program in Biostatistics for Personalized Medicine will help define the statistical foundation for this emerging field, developing the tools and methodologies for collecting, organizing, and interpreting the vast amounts of health data being generated in all corners of our society. Our scholars benefit from interdisciplinary collaborations with the shared faculty of Stanford’s graduate programs in many fields — statistics, computer science, biological sciences, medicine, genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics. In addition, each will have the opportunity to work as an applied biostatistician on a clinical research team.

Interested students should apply to the Statistics Department doctoral program and indicate their interest in Biostatistics in both their statement of purpose and also in the 'Academic Interests' section of the application. Upon arrival at Stanford, trainees will meet with a Biostatistics mentor who will help them design their curriculum and laboratory experience.

Fundamental elements of the training program

  1. Coursework

  2. Exposure to current research topics and mentored research

  3. Collaboration via internship with a biomedical, biochemical, genomics or genetics laboratory

  4. Participation in PhD program meetings with faculty twice each quarter and at the annual retreat

Learn more about our Directors and Faculty, explore the FAQ, or consult the How to Apply page for instructions and contact information.