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How to Apply - MS

External Applicants

Applicants applying from outside Stanford must visit Graduate Admissions for complete application information and instructions.

Instructions on these pages apply to both the Statistics M.S. and those applying to the Data Science degree program.

Application Instructions: How to apply to Statistics or Data Science
Statistics Data Science

Program Selection (Page 5)

  • Program Choice:
    • Statistics MS
      • term: Autumn 20xx-20xx


Program Selection (Page 5)

  • Program Choice:
    • Statistics MS
      • term: Autumn 20xx-20xx



Department Specialization (Page 6)

          Data Science



Only applicants who intend to pursue the Data Science subplan should select the specialization from the drop down menu.

Applicants who select Data Science will only be considered for the Data Science program, not in addition to the Statistics M.S. degree program.



Admission to the Data Science M.S. program is made by the Statistics admissions committee, which will have representation from the  track steering committee.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure he or she meets all eligibility requirements before applying.

Applicants should have successfully completed an equivalent of Linear Algebra and one other statistics courses to be eligible to apply.


All application materials, including supporting documents must be RECEIVED by the application deadline*.

Mail transcripts to:

  Statistics M.S. Admissions 
Department of Statistics, Sequoia Hall
390 Serra Mall, room 127
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

Do not send materials via a service which requires a signature (such as USPS: Registered or Return Receipt); we cannot accommodate such items.

Do not send any materials to Graduate Admissions in the Registrar's office.

We are unable to accommodate additional document uploads after this deadline.


* The status of your application will remain incomplete if your official transcripts were not received by the department or if your official GRE or TOEFL score have not been reconciled by the Graduate Admissions database. If you are exempt from either of these two exams, please forward your waiver notification to the department as soon as possible.


Note: The department is unable to provide any admissions counseling, such as advising or assessment, for applicants or prospective applicants and therefore does not respond to such requests. Our M.S. admissions and program pages address all the relevant information, so please take the time to read them thoroughly.