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Financing the Degree

There is no financial support available for the Statistics MS degree; therefore, applicants may disregard the part of the application pertaining to financial aid. Students are expected to fund their course of study at Stanford in its entirety. Those who have a grant or fellowship from an outside source are welcome to apply it toward the tuition cost of the program. US citizens or permanent residents may be eligible to apply for loans through Stanford.

The Statistics Department does not hire master's students as RAs or TAs. These positions are only for Statistics PhD students.

It may be possible to obtain an RA or TAship in another department, but these must be arranged individually by the student and should not be anticipated as a significant source of funding. Positions as graders within the Statistics and Mathematics departments occasionally become available: they are announced if the need arises during the academic year and again, should not be anticipated as a significant source of funding.

Please see the Registrar’s site for the current academic year's tuition rates. On average, one needs about $60,000 to fund tuition and living expenses throughout the program.

Additional Information