Biopharm Industrial Affiliates

The Biopharmaceutical Industrial Affiliates Program

aims to engage affiliates from biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries in the development of

  • innovative clinical trial design and analysis for precision medicine and regulatory submission;

  • diagnostic tests and health monitoring for disease prevention and personalized wellness;

  • risk/benefit analysis of real-world data and outcomes of medical and healthcare interventions.


The BIA program is co-developed with the Center for Innovative Study Design to

  • train graduate students for careers in the biopharmaceutical industry through curriculum development and internship experience;
  • promote continuing education and innovations in clinical trial methodology;
  • identify research opportunities in drug development that can be high-impact and transformative;
  • collaborate in research projects by statisticians in the biopharmaceutical industry; and
  • disseminate new clinical trial designs and software for implementation.

Become a Member

To become an IA Member, contact any one of the Program Directors.

Basic Level
Benefits cover a number of registrations in CISD workshops, plus engagement with our students (current and former) and postdocs (including those working overseas in our joint centers) for internships and full-time positions. Annual dues are $10,000.

Associate Level
In addition to those at the Basic Level, benefits include registrations for workshops/forums organized by CISD around the world, and discussions of possible collaborative research on topics of mutual interest. Annual dues are $25,000.


Genomic Health/Exact Sciences
Boehringer Ingleheim

Program Directors


The Biopharmaceutical Industrial Affiliates Program complies with University policies, principles, and procedures for the establishment and operation of membership programs designed to promote a productive relationship between Stanford and industry, as described in the current Research Policy Handbook.