Community Reporting and Resources

Adhering to Stanford's Code of Conduct requires that any suspected violations of applicable standards, policies, laws, or regulations be brought to the attention of the appropriate cognizant office. Reporting would normally be made to the immediate supervisor, instructor, or advisor. In situations where it is not appropriate or comfortable to report to an immediate supervisor, individuals may go to a higher level within the department, program, school, or university.

Reporting Obligations

There are specific situations mandated by law that require persons who are considered agents of the university to report. Except for university-recognized confidential resources, certain university staff members (including student staff members) with knowledge of unreported concerns relating to Title IX Prohibited Conduct are required to report such allegations to the Title IX Coordinator. These responsible employees include supervisors, faculty and staff who have responsibility for working with students in the capacities of teaching, advising, coaching, or mentoring. Reporting by these individuals is required regardless of whether the subject of the Title IX Prohibited Conduct has or has not indicated they will contact the appropriate office. See Administrative Guide Policy 1.7.1, "Sexual Harassment", for more information.

Reporting Confidentiality

Select resources are confidential in nature. The information you share with them is protected by federal and state laws and cannot be shared without your explicit permission. Confidential resources are not required to report to Stanford Title IX and will not share information except in certain circumstances. Those circumstances include any situation wherein they have reason to believe that a student or staff member presents a risk of harm to self or others, or if a minor is being abused. Nonconfidential resources treat the information you share with the maximum amount of discretion possible but are required to report sexual harassment and abuse, allegations of discrimination, minor abuse, and risk to oneself or others, to the appropriate cognizant office.

Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) are staff and faculty with significant responsibilities for student and campus activities. In accordance with the Clery Act, CSAs are required to report certain offenses.

Community Resources

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