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2023 Industrial Affiliates Annual Conference

Thu November 9th 2023, All day
Room E241, Gunn Rotunda in ChEM-H/Neurosciences
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Session I: Jacqueline Meulman
9:05aAugust Liu, Google
9:30aZitong Yang, 2nd-year PhD student: "ResMem: Learn what you can, memorize the rest"
9:55aLi Yao and Pierre Demartines, BlackRock
10:20aAsher Spector, 3rd-year PhD student: "An exact and nonparametric goodness-of-fit test for factor models"
10:45aMorning Break
Session II: Guenther Walther
11:05aYuanyuan Li, Munich Re
11:30aDisha Ghandwani, 4th-year PhD student: "Scalable solution to crossed random effects model with random slopes"
11:55aVikram Krishnamurthy and Tony Gong, Alliance Innovation Lab-Silicon Valley (AIL-SV) Nissan USA
Session III: John Chambers
1:10pMichael Howes, 3rd-year PhD student: "Markov chain Monte Carlo hypothesis tests"
1:35pMaxime Cauchois and Yuming Kuang, Two Sigma
2:00pAnav Sood, 4th-year PhD student: "A statistical view of column subset selection"
2:25pAfternoon Break
Session IV: Art Owen
2:45pRina Friedberg and Kenneth Tay, LinkedIn
3:10pChen Cheng, 5th-year PhD student: "Understanding Laplace noise reduction mechanism via backwards martingale"
3:35pIsaac Gibbs, 5th-year PhD student: "Conformal inference with conditional guarantees"
4:00pClosing Remarks