Industrial Affiliates Conference 2014

Wed February 26th 2014, 9:00am
Physics and Astrophysics 102/103
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―2014 Conference Program―

9:00am    Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Art Owen, Industrial Affiliates Co-Director
9:10am    Session 1    Chair: Guenther Walther
  • Alexandra Chouldechova, doctoral student: “Generalized Additive Model Selection for High-Dimensional Data”
  • Su Chen & Jeremy Shen, Two Sigma Investments
  • Matan Gavish, doctoral student: “The Optimal Truncation Threshold for Singular Values is 4/sqrt(3)”
10:25am   Coffee Break
10:50am   Session 2   Chair: Jacqueline Meulman
  • Vineet Singh, Intuit
  • Jingshu Wang, doctoral student: “Rank Estimation and Recovery of Low-Rank Matrices for Factor Model with Heteroscedastic Noise”
  • Jerry Shan & Rohit Tandon, HP
12:05pm   Lunch
1:00pm    Session 3    Chair: Trevor Hastie
  • Donal McMahon, Google
  • Qingyuan Zhao, doctoral student: “Estimation in Sparse and Unbalanced Tables: An Hierarchical Procedure”
  • Bradley Klingenberg, Stitch Fix
  • Weijie Su, doctoral student: “Statistical Estimation and Testing via the Sorted L_1 Norm”
2:40pm    Coffee Break
3:05pm    Session 4    Chair: John Chambers
  • Jian Shen, CASH Dynamic Opportunities Investment
  • Stefan Wager, doctoral student: “Semiparametric Exponential Families for Heavy-Tailed Data”
  • Eric Bax, Yahoo!
4:20 Closing Remarks: Art Owen