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Statistics Department Seminar Archives

September 2016
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 06 Sep
Special Event
Vardan Papyan Technion, Israel Institute of Technology Signal modeling: From convolutional sparse coding to convolutional neural networks
August 2016
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 09 Aug
Edgar Dobriban Stanford Statistics Optimal detection of weak principal components in high-dimensional data
Tue 02 Aug
St├ęphane Robin INRA, Paris Stochastic block model and logistic regression for networks: A variational Bayes approach
July 2016
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 26 Jul
Ben Recht UC Berkeley What's so hard about optimizing deep networks?
Tue 19 Jul
Brad Efron Stanford Statistics Confidence densities, uninformative priors, and the bootstrap
Fri 15 Jul
Special Event
Daniel Yekutieli Tel Aviv University Testing composite hypotheses with the local FDR
Tue 12 Jul
Nancy Zhang University of Pennsylvania Statistical models for single cell RNA sequencing
Wed 06 Jul
Special Event
Viral Shah Julia Computing Julia: A fresh approach to numerical computing
Tue 05 Jul
Youssef Marzouk MIT Measure transport for Bayesian computation
June 2016
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 28 Jun
Lucas Janson Stanford Statistics EigenPrism: Inference for high-dimensional signal-to-noise ratios
Tue 07 Jun
Nina Miolane INRIA Asclepios Team, France Template shape estimation in computational anatomy
May 2016
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 31 May
Ping Li Rutgers University A competitor of random Fourier features
Tue 24 May
In Honor of Manny Parzen
Simon Sheather Texas A&M The life and times of Emanuel ("Manny") Parzen
Tue 17 May
Jonathan Taylor Stanford Statistics Selective inference and variations on data splitting
Tue 10 May
Mohsen Bayati Stanford GSB Online decision making with high-dimensional covariates
Tue 03 May
Sebastien Bubeck Microsoft Research New results at the crossroads of convexity, learning and information theory
April 2016
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 26 Apr
Gregory Valiant Stanford Computer Science When your big data seems too small: Accurate inferences beyond the empirical distribution
Tue 19 Apr
Hera Y. He Stanford Statistics Permutation p-value approximation via generalized Stolarsky invariance
Tue 12 Apr
Chris Wiggins Columbia University Data science at The New York Times
Tue 05 Apr
Andrea Montanari Stanford Statistics and EE Phase transitions in semidefinite relaxations
March 2016
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 29 Mar
Aaditya Ramdas UC Berkeley The p-filter: Multilayer FDR control for grouped hypotheses
Tue 08 Mar
Wolfgang Huber EMBL, Heidelberg Data-driven hypothesis weighting for false discovery rate control
Tue 01 Mar
Lam Ho UCLA Direct likelihood-based inference for stochastic models of disease dynamics
February 2016
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Thu 25 Feb
Special Day
Stefan Wager Stanford Statistics Statistical estimation with random forests
Tue 23 Feb
James Johndrow Duke University Tail waiting times and the extremes of stochastic processes
Tue 16 Feb
Veronika Rockova University of Pennsylvania Fast Bayesian factor analysis via automatic rotations to sparsity
Tue 09 Feb
Yen-Chi Chen Carnegie Mellon University Statistical inference using geometric features
Tue 02 Feb
Julia Palacios Harvard University Inference of population size trajectories from genomic data
January 2016
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 26 Jan
Pierre Bellec ENSAE, Paris Almost parametric rates and adaptive confidence sets in shape-constrained problems
Tue 19 Jan
Chao Gao Yale University Network analysis: Community detection and graphon estimation
Tue 12 Jan
Colin Fogarty University of Pennsylvania Leveraging multiple outcomes in matched observational studies
December 2015
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 01 Dec
Jinchi Lv USC Innovated scalable efficient estimation in ultra-large Gaussian graphical models
November 2015
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 17 Nov
Nicolai Meinshausen ETH Zurich Causal discovery with confidence using invariance principles
Tue 10 Nov
A Special Event hosted by Stanford Statistics A Celebration in Honor of Ingram Olkin on his 90th Birthday
Tue 03 Nov
SBJC / Venue Change
Haiyan Huang UC Berkeley Decision making in hierarchical multi-label classification (HMC) problems
October 2015
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 27 Oct
Nick Boyd and Geoffrey Schiebinger UC Berkeley Sparse inverse problems
Tue 20 Oct
Tze Leung Lai Stanford Statistics A new approach to test-based variable selection
Tue 13 Oct
Art B. Owen Stanford Statistics Moment-based methods for large crossed unbalanced random effects models
Tue 06 Oct
Rob J. Hyndman Monash University, Australia Optimal forecast reconciliation for big time series data
September 2015
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 29 Sep
Persi Diaconis Stanford Statistics Choosing the sample size in importance sampling
Tue 22 Sep
Hyunseung Kang Stanford Economics Instrumental variables and Mendelian randomization with invalid instruments in causal inference