MS Admissions

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that they meet all eligibility requirements before applying. All application materials, including exam scores and supporting documents, must be received by the application deadline.

MS Overview:

The Statistics and Data Science Master's degree programs are intended as a terminal degree and does not lead to the doctoral program in Statistics. Recommended preparatory courses include advanced undergraduate level courses in linear algebra, statistics/probability and proficiency in programming. The MS in Statistics and Data Science are full-time degree programs. They are not offered as online degree programs.

Application Timeline and Deadlines:

The Graduate Admissions period is open beginning in October each year for applications to be submitted by the published deadline posted on the application requirements page. (for matriculation beginning autumn quarter the following academic year). After April 15th each year, the Graduate Admissions period is closed until September.

Program options:

Coterminal Applicant

Matriculated undergraduate students interested in pursuing the Master's degree in Statistics while completing their undergraduate degree concurrently

Internal Applicant

Stanford doctoral students interested in adding the Statistics Master's degree. Stanford students pursuing a Master's degree in another program must apply as an EXTERNAL applicant. Applications will only be accepted for students who have completed their current Masters program.

Current Stanford Masters students may apply to the Statistics degree after completing their current Masters degree and must apply as an EXTERNAL applicant. Please notify Student Services Officer, Caroline Gates (cgates@) if you intend to apply.

The Data Science program does not accept applications from current Stanford students.

External Applicant

Applicants who are not current Stanford students (including anyone who recently graduated from Stanford, has taken courses online via SCPD or earned an online certificate) or graduate students pursuing a Master's degree at Stanford who wish to apply to either the Statistics MS or the Data Science MS. 

Please visit Graduate Admissions before beginning the application process for complete application information and instructions.

The Statistics MS and Data Science subplan are not an online degree programs.

Honors Cooperative Applicant

Applicants gain admission as a degree candidate to the academic department through the standard graduate admissions process (External applicant). This is not an online degree program. Visit Graduate Admissions before beginning the application process for complete application information and instructions.