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2016 Department Awards

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The diploma award ceremony for the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics, held on Sunday, June 12, in Lomita Grove, saw the presentation of the annual dissertation and teaching assistant awards. This year, in addition to the previously announced Ingram Olkin Interdisciplinary Research Dissertation Award, a second new award was inaugurated in honor of our colleague Ted Anderson, emeritus professor of Statistics and of Economics. The Theodore W. Anderson Theory of Statistics Dissertation Award recognizes exceptional achievements from Ph.D. candidates in the area of theoretical statistics, and was presented for the first time with Ted, his wife Dorothy, son Bob and daughter Jenny all in attendance.

The full list of Department of Statistics award recipients for 2016:

Theodore W. Anderson Theory of Statistics Dissertation Award to Weijie Su for his work on estimation, false discovery, optimization and differential privacy and in particular his dissertation on multiple testing and minimax estimation in sparse linear regression

Ingram Olkin Interdisciplinary Research Dissertation Award to Kinjal Basu for his contributions to numerical analysis, extending quasi-Monte Carlo and randomized quasi-Monte Carlo integration to non-cubical spaces and Cartesian products of such spaces

Applied Statistics Dissertation Award to Stefan Wager

Probability Dissertation Award to Bhaswar Bhattacharya

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award to Ya Le

Departmental Teaching Assistant Awards to Rakesh Achanta, Claire Donnat, Gene Katsevich