Department News

Balasubramanian Narasimhan elected to R Foundation

Consulting Professor of Statistics John Chambers announced today that Senior Research Scientist Narasimhan has been elected to membership by a majority vote of the general assembly of the R Foundation. John, also a Foundation member, explained:

"The R Foundation, as the official 'owner' of R, is a nonprofit organization that protects this open-source software and supports its development; Foundation members are a group of about 35 who vote to make the actual decisions. New members are elected based on their knowledge, past contributions, and good judgement about R and its role. Naras was voted in this year based on his many contributions and of course the big success of the useR!2016 conference held in June. I think his knowledge and good sense will be a real asset. With the millions of users and high visibility of R (e.g., much discussion of its accreditation for clinical trial submissions), the Foundation will have important future decisions. Naturally, I'm delighted and think he will be a great asset."