Dominik Rothenhäusler is newest Assistant Professor of Statistics

Dominik will begin his appointment on September 1, 2019, coming to Sequoia Hall from a postdoctoral stint with the Department of Statistics at UC Berkeley. He received his PhD in Mathematics from ETH Zurich where he was awarded the ETH medal for outstanding doctoral thesis. His graduate studies have taken him to both the University of Paris-Sud and École Normale Supérieure in France. In addition to his PhD research, Dominik has worked and published on projects ranging from theoretical economics to biotechnology.

Dominik lists his research interests as causal inference, heterogeneous data, high-dimensional statistics, and graphical models. His work on "relaxed causality" seeks to investigate connections between causal inference and distributional robustness, with the goal of improving replicability of feature selections and trustworthiness of predictions across data sets.