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International Prize in Statistics awarded to Bradley Efron

The International Statistical Institute in partnership with ASA, IBS, IMS, and RSS in the International Prize in Statistics Foundation have selected Efron as the second winner of this distinction–the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in the field of statistics. In celebrating and honoring the remarkable contributions of an outstanding statistician, they have acclaimed his insight and ingenuity in creating the bootstrap, which produced a statistical sciences breakthrough that has impacted, and continues to impact, statistical methodologies and practice in every field where analysis of data and quantifying uncertainty are needed. The bootstrap has opened frontiers in statistics; empowered complex, real problem-solving across disciplines; and influenced statistical thinking in every way, including new pathways in how we communicate and teach statistics to all.

The Department of Statistics is once again deeply proud of the lifetime's work of our friend and mainstay, Brad Efron. We hope he has a great time next summer in Kuala Lumpur!

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