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In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we share the news that our colleague Ingram Olkin passed away peacefully in the late evening of April 28, 2016. Ingram was a most dignified person, who graced the lives of many with his sharp wit and intellect, his good spirits, his generosity and his kindness. His family have told us that he had absolutely no regrets, either personally or professionally, and led a full, wonderful life. He treasured all his friendships and frequently spoke about how much he valued this department. It has been a blessing to have him as one of the founders of Statistics at Stanford and an active member of our faculty for 55 years.

We had much to celebrate with Ingram quite recently. Please visit the Gallery of photos taken at his 90th birthday symposium last November, which was attended by masses of Ingram's colleagues, collaborators, students and friends. If you missed it, here is the Statistics Views interview with Ingram that was published in March.

Looking to the future, we are happy to announce that the Ingram Olkin Dissertation Award for significant contributions to interdisciplinary research will be awarded for the first time during the Statistics 2016 diploma ceremony this June. We hope to continue to honor Ingram's legacy in the department in many ways, and welcome all to join us in doing so.