New Stein Fellow Appointment

James Johndrow became the Department's newest Stein Fellow on September 1, 2016. James received his PhD in Statistical Science from Duke University in January of 2016. He is presently a statistical consultant with Human Rights Data Analysis Group in San Francisco as well as a data science consultant with Treasure Data, Inc. of San Jose. James and his coauthors A. Bhattacharya and D.B. Dunson won the 2014 Student Paper Award from the American Statistical Association Section for Bayesian Statistical Science (ASA-SBSS) for "Tensor decompositions and sparse loglinear models", to appear in a forthcoming issue of Annals of Statistics.

James describes his research program in two main components: scalable statistical methods for high-dimensional data with theoretical guarantees of robust uncertainty quantification; and application of probability and stochastic process theory to develop novel statistical methods, especially Bayesian and likelihood-based methods, motivated by important problems in the sciences.