Sourav Chatterjee named Infosys Prize Laureate

The 2020 Infosys Prize in Mathematics has been awarded to Sourav for his ground-breaking work in probability and statistical physics. After impressing the jury with the range of his work across probability, statistics, and mathematical physics, Sourav is recognized in particular for his contributions to the study of fluctuations in random structures, concentration and super-concentration inequalities, spin glasses, Poisson and other non-normal limits, and first-passage percolation. Quoting from the prize announcement: "Professor Chatterjee is one of the most versatile probabilists of his generation, and is known for his formidable problem-solving powers." We couldn't say it better, or agree more.

The Infosys Prize is given annually to celebrate outstanding achievements by contemporary scientists and elevate the prestige of science and research in India, evaluating nominees' work against the standards of international research, and standing as a marker of excellence in six fields: engineering and computer sciences, humanities, life sciences, mathematical sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences.

Watch the virtual awards ceremony held on December 1st