Stein Fellows arriving in 2021

Two new Fellows will join the Statistics Department in September: Dan Daniel Erdmann-Pham and recent PhD graduate Michael Sklar.

Earlier this year Dan received his PhD in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley, where he taught courses in discrete mathematics and probability theory as well as statistics and combinatorics. His research interests encompass the foundations of data analysis, mathematical biology, interacting particle systems, and gene expression analysis, and he is a two-time presenter at the Bernoulli Society's Conference on Stochastic Processes and Their Applications.

In addition to being a department alum, Michael received a 2021 Centennial Teaching Assistant Award for his work at Stanford. In addition to research topics of sequential analysis, experiment design, and optimization with applications to clinical trials, he has taken a recent interest in clinical trial design software. On September 8 he is scheduled to give a webinar to the FDA on his thesis work: a simulation-based framework for adaptive clinical trials.