Wing Wong named as founding member of new Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong

After years of preparation, the Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong (ASHK) was inaugurated on December 5th in a ceremony at the Government House. ASHK sets out to promote scientific research and education, to serve as a focal point for academic assembly and discussion, and to help realize Hong Kong’s aspiration as a center of scientific and technological excellence. The Academy will also conduct studies and periodic summits to bring together international expert scientists and the business sector to discuss issues relevant to Hong Kong’s science and technology development.

“Hong Kong ought to recognise its exceptional scientific leaders. Hong Kong is unquestionably a great city for scientific research and innovation, with world-class universities and so many distinguished academics working tirelessly in different fields of science and nurturing the next generation of scientists,” said Professor and new President Lap-Chee Tsui in his inaugural address. "ASHK is composed of 27 founding members of international stature and each of them has provided outstanding contributions to the advancement of sciences in Hong Kong."