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Dissertations are held in the collections of
Stanford University Libraries.

Cohort: 2017-2018
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
2017-2018 Snigdha Panigrahi Taylor Tibshirani, Sabatti An approximation-based framework for post-selective inference
2017-2018 Kris Sankaran Holmes Switzer, Efron Discovery and Visualization of Latent Structure with Applications to the Microbiome
Cohort: 2016-2017
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
2016-2017 Edgar Dobriban Donoho Owen, Johnstone Topics in High-Dimensional Asymptotics
2016-2017 Murat A. Erdogdu Montanari/Bayati Candes Stein's Lemma and Subsampling in Large-Scale Optimization
2016-2017 Julia Fukuyama Holmes Wong, Relman (Med) Multivariate Methods for the Analysis of Structured Data
2016-2017 Katelyn Xiang Gao Owen Tibshirani, Mackey Scalable Estimation and Inference for Massive Linear Mixed Models with Crossed Random Effects
2016-2017 Jack Gorham Mackey/Candes Owen Measuring Sample Quality with Stein's Method
2016-2017 Ruojun Huang Dembo Chatterjee, Diaconis Monotone interactions of random walks and graphs
2016-2017 Lucas Janson Candes Mackey, Hastie A model-free approach to high-dimensional inference
2016-2017 Bai Jiang Wong Lai, Diaconis Two Parameter Inference Methods in Likelihood-free Models: Approximate Bayesian Computation and Contrastive Divergence
2016-2017 Jiyao Kou Walther Lai, Siegmund Large-scale inference with block structure
2016-2017 Minyong Lee Owen Switzer, Taylor Prediction and dimension reduction methods in computer experiments
2016-2017 Haben Michael Tian Holmes, Siegmund Evaluating Diagnostics under Dependency
2016-2017 Scott Powers Tibshirani Friedman, Hastie Leveraging similarity in statistical learning
2016-2017 Subhabrata Sen Dembo/Montanari Chatterjee Optimization, Random Graphs, and Spin Glasses
2016-2017 Amir Sepehri Diaconis Chatterjee, Bump (Math) Non-parametric goodness-of-fit testing and applications
2016-2017 Xiaoying Tian Taylor Hastie, Tibshirani Topics in selective inference
2016-2017 Chaojun Wang Duffie (GSB) Krishnamurthy, Jackson, Dembo Financial Markets and Trading Networks
2016-2017 Charles Yang Zheng Hastie/Taylor Efron, Poldrack (Psych) Supervised Evaluation of Representations
Cohort: 2015-2016
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
2015-2016 Kinjal Basu Owen Candes, Chatterjee Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Non-Cubical Spaces