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Dissertations are held in the collections of
Stanford University Libraries.

Cohort: 1990-1991
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1990-1991 Qizhi Wang Lai Lai, Efron, Martin Edgeworth Expansions and Bootstrap Methods in Survival Analysis
1990-1991 Huiyue Xiao Switzer Switzer, Journel, Solomon Nonparametric Procedures for Conditional CDF Approximation in Spatial Fields
1990-1991 Hang Paul Zhang Siegmund Siegmund, Johnstone, Dembo A Study of Change-Point Problems
1990-1991 Heping Zhang Siegmund Siegmund. Olshen, Johnstone Confidence Regions in Nonlinear Regression and Geometry
Cohort: 1989-1990
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1989-1990 Kirk Cameron Switzer Switzer, Solomon, Journel Two-Stage Sampling of Spatial Fields
1989-1990 Kim-Anh Do Friedman Friedman, Johns, Solomon Some Results in Statistical Modeling and Estimation for Software Reliability Problems
1989-1990 James Robert Koehler Owen Owen Design and Estimation Issues in Computer Experiments
1989-1990 Chitra Yeshwant Lele Johnstone Johnstone, Stein, Siegmund Admissibility Results in Loss Estimation
1989-1990 Catherine Loader Siegmund Siegmund Change Point Problems for Poisson Processes
1989-1990 Sally Claire Morton Friedman Friedman, Efron, Owen Interpretable Projection Pursuit
1989-1990 Jan Otto Pedersen Friedman Friedman, Johnstone, Kaplan IDL- A Statistical Programming Environment
1989-1990 Dimitris Nicolas Politis Romano Romano, Lai, Efron A General Resampling Scheme for Time Series with Weak Dependence
1989-1990 David John Wright Moses Moses, DiCiccio, Efron Restricted Sign Randomization Tests
Cohort: 1988-1989
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1988-1989 Joseph T. Chang Siegmund Siegmund, Lai, Shepp Random Walks, Moderate Deviations, and the Cusum Procedure
1988-1989 Kevin Coakley Switzer Switzer, Owen, Long Spatial Statistics for Predicting Flow Through a Rock Fracture
1988-1989 Eric Holmgren Olkin Olkin Utilizing P-P Plots in Meta-Analysis As General Measures of Treatment Effects
1988-1989 Jiayang Sun Siegmund Siegmund, Friedman, Johnstone $P$-Values in Projection Pursuit
1988-1989 Achilles Venetoulias Switzer Switzer, Efron, Owen Parameter Estimation in Image Processing Models
1988-1989 Yanning Zhang Siegmund Siegmund, Lai, Fill Expected Sample Size of Truncated Sequential Tests
Cohort: 1987-1988
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1987-1988 Naomi Altman Johnstone Johnstone Smoothing Data with Correlated Errors