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Dissertations are held in the collections of
Stanford University Libraries.

Cohort: 1981-1982
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1981-1982 Fred W. Huffer Solomon Solomon, Efron, Johnstone The Moments and Distributions of Some Quantities Arising from Random Arcs on the Circle
1981-1982 Satish Iyengar Solomon Solomon, Miller, Olkin On the Evaluation of Certain Multivariate Normal Probabilities
1981-1982 Anthony Kuk Solomon Solomon, Switzer, Efron A Mixing Distribution Approach to Estimating Particle Size Distributions
1981-1982 John Alan McDonald Stuetzle Stuetzle, Friedman, Golub Interactive Graphics for Data Analysis
1981-1982 Akimichi Takemura Anderson Anderson, Diaconis, Olkin A Statistical Approach to Zonal Polynomials
1981-1982 Joseph S. Verducci Olkin Olkin, Diaconis, Solomon Discriminating Between Two Populations on the Basis of Ranked Preferences
1981-1982 Arif Zaman Diaconis Diaconis, Shepp, Steele An Approximation Theorem for Finite Markov Exchangeability
Cohort: 1980-1981
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1980-1981 Michael Lee Cohen Johns Johns, Solomon, Suppes An Adaptive R-Estimate
1980-1981 Edward Ian George Solomon Solomon, Efron, Steele Sequential Stochastic Construction of Random Polygons
1980-1981 Gabrielle E. Kelly Miller Miller, Efron, Diaconis The Influence Function in the Errors in Variables Problem
1980-1981 Steven Paul Lalley Siegmund Siegmund, Steele, Efron Repeated Likelihood Ratio Tests for Curved Exponential Families
1980-1981 Neil Holland Willits Sager Sager, Switzer, Cover An Approach to Superefficient Estimation
1980-1981 Yih-Shyh Yuh Siegmund Siegmund, Steele, Fill Second Order Corrections for Brownian Motion Approximations
Cohort: 1979-1980
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1979-1980 Robert Michael Bell Johns Johns, Switzer, Miller An Adaptive Choice of the Scale Parameter for M-Estimators
1979-1980 Naihua Duan Efron Efron, Switzer, Stein Significance Test for Prior Distributions: The Modified Efficient Score Test and Its Asymptotic Theory
1979-1980 Chen-Hui Lin Foo Switzer Switzer, Faith, Sager Probability Modeling and Estimation for Hourly Variation of Air Pollution Concentrations
1979-1980 William D. Heavlin Solomon Solomon, Olkin, Johns A Parametric Analysis of Structured and Unstructured $Q$-Sort Data
1979-1980 Alvaro Munoz Brown Brown, Miller, Efron Nonparametric Estimation from Censored Bivariate Observations
1979-1980 Mahmood Samiei Switzer Switzer, Johns, Solomon Tests of Symmetry and Confidence Intervals for Treatment Effects in the Paired Comparison Model
1979-1980 Suzanna Chor-Yee Wong Moses Moses, Brown, Switzer Design for Low Dose Extrapolation of Carcinogeneity Data