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Dissertations are held in the collections of
Stanford University Libraries.

Cohort: 1978-1979
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1978-1979 Andre Francois Cabannes Switzer Switzer, Olkin, Faith Estimation of Random Fields from Network Observations
1978-1979 Delores Ann Conway Olkin Olkin, Efron, Lieberman Multivariate Distribution with Specified Marginals
1978-1979 Marlene Jo-Ann Egger Brown Brown, Miller, Efron Power Transformations to Achieve Symmetry in Quantal Bioassay
1978-1979 Richard Lee Greer Diaconis Diaconis, Cover, Faith Consistent Nonparametric Estimation of Best Linear Classification Rules/Solving Inconsistent Systems of Linear Inequalities
1978-1979 Carol Lynn Link Miller Miller, Brown, Efron Confidence Intervals for the Survival Function Using Cox's Proportional Hazard Model with Covariates
1978-1979 Thomas Patrick McWilliams Lieberman Lieberman, Olkin, Singpurwalla Properties of Isotonic Estimators of Mean Lifetime in a Simple Prototype Development Model
1978-1979 Nancy Margaret Reid Miller Miller, Johns, Efron Influence Functions for Censored Data
Cohort: 1977-1978
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1977-1978 Michael Ross Chernick Faith Faith, Switzer, Jacobs Verifying Mixing Conditions and Obtaining Limit Theorems for Maxima of Some Strictly Stationary Processes
1977-1978 Edward Lee Korn Switzer Switzer, Whittemore, Olkin Classification Errors in Contingency Tables Analyzed with Hierarchical Log Linear Models
1977-1978 Sue Ellen Leurgans Sager Sager, Siegmund, Miller Asymptotic Distribution Theory in Generalized Isotonic Regression
1977-1978 William Patrick McCormick Mittal Mittal, Siegmund, Switzer Weak and Strong Laws for the Maxima of Stationary Gaussian Processes
1977-1978 Ali Rejali Diaconis Diaconis, Stein, Siegmund On the Asymptotic Expansions for the Moments and the Limiting Distributions of Some Additive Arithmetic Functions
1977-1978 William Hayward Rogers, III Cover Cover, Efron, Olkin Some Nonparametric Near-Neighbor Techniques
1977-1978 Robert Allen Wesley Johns Johns, Miller, Switzer Some Contributions to the Theory of Robust Estimation in Regression
1977-1978 Robert Allen Wolfe Brown Brown, Miller, Efron Testing for the Effect of the Covariance on the Point Process
Cohort: 1976-1977
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1976-1977 Joseph Gerard Deken Resnick Resnick, Switzer, Diaconis On Records: Scheduled Maxima Sequences and Longest Common Subsequences
1976-1977 Beth Charmaine Gladen Switzer Switzer, Brown, Sager Inference from Stopped Bernoulli Trials
1976-1977 John Edwin Hyde Miller Miller, Brown, Efron Life Testing with Incomplete Observations
1976-1977 Robert Edward Norland Switzer Switzer, Solomon, Johns Empty Confidence Sets in Nonparametric Problems
1976-1977 Andrew Francis Siegel Solomon Solomon, Efron, Diaconis Random Space Filling and Moments of Coverage in Geometrical Probability