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Dissertations are held in the collections of
Stanford University Libraries.

Cohort: 1976-1977
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1976-1977 Andrew Francis Siegel Solomon Solomon, Efron, Diaconis Random Space Filling and Moments of Coverage in Geometrical Probability
1976-1977 Ronald Aaron Thisted Efron Efron, Stein, Johns Ridge Regression, Minimax Estimation, and Empirical Bayes Methods
Cohort: 1975-1976
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1975-1976 Nira Herrmann Sitgreaves Sitgreaves, Olkin, Stein Joint Distribution of the Roots of Certain Matrices in Multivariate Analysis Under the Rank One Alternative with Power Studies of the Largest Root Test
1975-1976 Raul Pedro Mentz Anderson Anderson, Efron, Olshen Asymptotic Properties of Some Estimators in Moving Average Models
1975-1976 Terence John O'Neill Efron Efron, Miller, Mittal Efficiency Calculations in Discriminant Analysis
1975-1976 Arthur Vincent Peterson, Jr. Efron Efron, Miller, Brown Nonparametric Estimation in the Competing Risks Problem
1975-1976 James Chao-Ming Pong Stein Stein, Efron, Diaconis Simultaneous Estimation of the Parameters of Independent Poisson Distributions
1975-1976 Ted Howard Szatrowski Olkin Olkin, Young, Sitgreaves Test and Estimating of Multivariate Normal Mean and Covariance Structures which are Compound Symmetric in Blocks
1975-1976 Andre Tchen Cover Cover, Stein, Resnick Inequalities for Functionals of Distributions with Given Marginals
1975-1976 Margaret Nakamura Wesley Brown Brown, Miller, Efron Bioassay: Estimating the Mean of the Tolerance Distribution
Cohort: 1974-1975
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1974-1975 David Berengut Switzer Switzer, Johns, Chernoff Confidence Intervals Based on Rank Tests
1974-1975 Joseph John Chmiel Brown Brown, Miller, Efron Some Properties of Spearman Type Estimators of the Variance and Percentiles in Bioassay
1974-1975 Marjorie Hrue Fuji Peterson Moses Moses, Olkin, Brown Statistical Methods for Establishing Comparable Scores in Successive Generations of a Testing Program
1974-1975 Farrokh Guiahi Miller Miller, Johns, Resnick Invariance Principle for Linear Combinations of Order Statistics
1974-1975 Robert B. Latta Cover Cover, Efron, Switzer Composition Rules for Probabilities from Paired Comparisons
1974-1975 Albert John Petkau Chernoff Chernoff, Solomon, Switzer Sequential Medical Trials for Comparing an Experimental with a Standard Treatment
1974-1975 Joan Marie Sander Miller Miller, Efron, Brown Asymptotic Properties for Estimators Derived from the Kaplan-Meier Estimator
Cohort: 1973-1974
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1973-1974 Henry Isaiah Braun Chernoff Chernoff, Gordon, Resnick Applications of Weak Convergence to Sequential Nonparametric Statistics
1973-1974 Ronald Edward Glaser Lieberman Lieberman, Olkin, Resnick Inferences for a Gamma Distributed Random Variable with Both Parameters Unknown, with Applications to Reliability
1973-1974 Harold Malcolm Hudson Moses Moses, Brown, Stein, Efron Empirical Bayes Estimation