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Dissertations are held in the collections of
Stanford University Libraries.

Cohort: 1969-1970
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1969-1970 James Hutchinson Ware Efron Efron, Switzer, Olkin Regression when Both Variables are Subject to Error and the Ranks of Their Means are Known
1969-1970 Kenneth Laurence Weldon Miller Miller, Veinott, Gani Stochastic Storage Processes with Multiple Slope Linear Inputs and Outputs
Cohort: 1968-1969
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1968-1969 John Kelso Abraham Chernoff Chernoff, Siegmund, Hall The Local Power of Sequential Tests Subject to an Expected Sample Size Restriction
1968-1969 Peter Ole Anderson Arrow Arrow, Chernoff, Parzen Estimation of Simultaneous Systems of Linear Equations with Nonlinear Constraints Among the Coefficients
1968-1969 James Norman Arvesen Miller Miller, Moses, Woodworth Jackknifing U-Statistics
1968-1969 Frederick Philip Glick, Jr. Switzer Switzer, Efron, Moses, Cover Estimating Unconditional Probabilities of Correct Classification
1968-1969 Susan Helen Horn Johns Johns, Chernoff, Cover The Optimality Criterion in Compound Decision Problems
1968-1969 Maxwell William John Layard Miller Miller, Olkin, Moses Asymptotically Robust Tests about Covariance Matrices
1968-1969 Ian Bruce MacNeill Parzen Parzen, Olshen, Anderson Limit Processes for Spectral Distribution Functions with Applications to Goodness of Fit Testing
1968-1969 Stephen Lane Portnoy Stein Stein, Efron, Olshen Formal Bayes Estimation with Application to a Random Effects Analysis of Variance Model
1968-1969 Marshall Sylvan Olkin Olkin, Lieberman, Efron Estimation and Hypothesis Testing for Wishart Matrices when Part of the Covariance Matrix is Known
Cohort: 1967-1968
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1967-1968 Mark Brown Parzen Parzen, Chernoff, Olshen Convergence in Distribution of Stochastic Intervals
1967-1968 Paul Ira Feder Chernoff Chernoff, Solomon, Johns On the Likelihood Ratio Statistic with Applications to Broken Line Regression
1967-1968 Martin Alva Hamilton Miller Miller, Johns, Moses The Robbins-Montro Stochastic Approximation Approach to a Discrimination Problem
1967-1968 Michael David Perlman Olkin Olkin, Stein, Miller One-Sided Problems in Multivariate Analysis
1967-1968 Sheldon Mark Ross Lieberman Lieberman, Woodworth, Veinott Denumerable Markovial Decision Models
Cohort: 1966-1967
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1966-1967 Norman Edward Breslow Efron Efron, Miller, Moses A Class of Sequential Procedures for Medical Trials
1966-1967 Jean-Paul Georges Gimon Chernoff Chernoff, Arrow, Efron A Continuous Time Inventory Model
1966-1967 Carl Neracher Morris Stein Stein, Olkin, Chernoff Admissible Bayes Procedures and Classes of Epsilon Bayes Procedures for Testing Hypotheses in a Multinomial Distribution
1966-1967 Richard Miles Royall Johns Johns, Miller, Solomon A Class of Nonparametric Estimates of a Smooth Regression Function