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Dissertations are held in the collections of
Stanford University Libraries.

Cohort: 1966-1967
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1966-1967 Jean-Paul Georges Gimon Chernoff Chernoff, Arrow, Efron A Continuous Time Inventory Model
1966-1967 Carl Neracher Morris Stein Stein, Olkin, Chernoff Admissible Bayes Procedures and Classes of Epsilon Bayes Procedures for Testing Hypotheses in a Multinomial Distribution
1966-1967 Richard Miles Royall Johns Johns, Miller, Solomon A Class of Nonparametric Estimates of a Smooth Regression Function
1966-1967 James Vincent Zidek Stein Stein, Chernoff, Olkin On the Admissibility of Formal Bayes Estimators
Cohort: 1965-1966
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1965-1966 Barry Charles Arnold Suppes Suppes, Olkin, Estes A Co-Related Urn-Scheme for a Continuum of Responses
1965-1966 Gerald Roy Chase Johns Johns, Efron, Moses An Empirical Bayes Approach in Routine Bioassay
1965-1966 Morris LeRoy Eaton Olkin Olkin, Solomon, Miller Some Optimal Properties of Ranking Procedures with Applications in Multivariate Analysis
1965-1966 George Ronald Hext Parzen Parzen, VanNess, Nerlove A New Approach to Time Series with Mixed Spectra
1965-1966 Paul William Holland Suppes Suppes, Miller, Atkinson A Variation on the Minimum Chi-Square Test
1965-1966 Myles Hollander Moses Moses, Miller, Stein Rank Tests for Randomized Blocks when the Alternatives Have an A Priori Ordering
1965-1966 Paul Thayer Holmes Miller Miller, Parzen, Stein Semi-Regular Functions in Markov Chains
1965-1966 Joseph Born Kadane Chernoff Chernoff, Arrow, Shadale Comparison of Estimators in Simultaneous Equation Econometric Models when the Residuals are Small
1965-1966 Paul Robert Milch Karlin Karlin, Parzen, Miller A Multi-Dimensional Linear Growth Birth and Death Process
1965-1966 Nigel Felix Nettheim Parzen Parzen, VanNess, Moses The Estimation of Coherence
1965-1966 Galen Richard Shorack Moses Moses, Lieberman, Johns Nonparametric Tests and Estimation of a Scale in the Two Sample Problem
1965-1966 Donald Derk Swain Johns Johns, Chernoff, Lieberman Bounds and Rates of Convergence for the Extended Compound Estimation Problem in the Sequence Case
1965-1966 David Luther Sylwester Miller Miller, Moses, Lieberman On Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Two-Phase Linear Regression
1965-1966 Grace Goldsmith Wahba Parzen Parzen, Olkin, Stein Cross Spectral Distribution Theory for Mixed Spectra and Estimation of Prediction Filter Coefficients
Cohort: 1964-1965
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1964-1965 Stanley Fromovitz Wagner Wagner, Lieberman A Class of Inventory Models
1964-1965 Maurice Frank Norman Suppes Suppes, Karlin, Bowker A Probabilistic Model for Free-Responding