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Dissertations are held in the collections of
Stanford University Libraries.

Cohort: 1962-1963
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1962-1963 Jean Jacques Fortier Solomon Solomon, Lieberman Contributions to Item Selection
1962-1963 Hans Jacob Zweig Solomon Solomon, Chernoff Counter Models and Applications to Detection Problems
Cohort: 1961-1962
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1961-1962 Donald Lyon Bentley Miller Miller, Moses Contributions to Counter Theory with Applications to Rod Vision
1961-1962 Murray Aaron Geisler Scarf Scarf, Lieberman Some Statistical Properties of Simulation Models Used in Studying Inventory Problems
1961-1962 Narayan Chandra Giri Stein Stein, Solomon On Tests with Likelihood Ratio Criteria in Some Problems of Multivariate Analysis
1961-1962 Arnold Frank Goodman Chernoff Chernoff, Parzen The Selection of an Optimum Sampling Partition
1961-1962 Donald Lee Iglehart Scarf Scarf, Karlin Dynamic Programming and Stationary Analysis of Inventory Problems
1961-1962 Charles Joel Stone Karlin Karlin, Lamperti Limit Theorems for Birth and Death Processes and Diffusion Processes
1961-1962 William John Studden McGregor McGregor, Karlin Asymptotic Laws for Birth and Death Processes
Cohort: 1960-1961
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1960-1961 Richard Eugene Barlow Karlin Karlin, Parzen Applications of Semi-Markov Processes to Counter and Reliability Problems
1960-1961 Lloyd Franklin Bell Lieberman Lieberman, Johns A Mathematical Theory of Guarantee Policies
1960-1961 Bruce Marvin Hill Moses Moses, Miller A Test of Linearity Versus Convexity of a Median Regression Curve
1960-1961 Joseph Henry Kullback Lieberman Lieberman, Johns A Quality Control Model for Complex Items
1960-1961 Marcel Fernand Neuts Karlin Karlin, Solomon Games on the Unit-Square with Discrete Payoff
1960-1961 Edward Burton Perrin Moses Moses, Miller Estimation of Parameters in Systems Related to the Observations by an Unknown Monotone Transformation
1960-1961 Richard Collom Singleton Karlin Karlin, Scarf Steady State Properties of Selected Inventory Models
1960-1961 Walter Max Woods Lieberman Lieberman, Solomon Variables Sampling Inspection Procedures which Guarantee Acceptance of Perfectly Screened Lots
Cohort: 1959-1960
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1959-1960 Arthur Edward Albert Chernoff Chernoff, Bowker The Sequential Design of Experiments for Infinitely Many States of Nature
1959-1960 Stuart Alan Bessler Chernoff Chernoff, Moses Theory and Applications of the Sequential Design of Experiments, K-Actions and Infinitely Many Experiments
1959-1960 William Edwin Pruitt Karlin Karlin, Solomon Bilateral Birth and Death Processes