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Dissertations are held in the collections of
Stanford University Libraries.

Cohort: 2008-2009
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
2008-2009 Holger Hoefling Tibshirani Tibshirani, Hastie, Owen Topics in machine learning
2008-2009 Yuxue Jin Lai Lai, Switzer, Shih Regression modelling of competing risks with applications to bone marrow transplantation studies and mortgage prepayment and default analysis
2008-2009 Kshitij Khare Diaconis, Rajaratnam Diaconis, Dembo, Holmes Extension of Dynkin's and Diaconis-Evans' constructions of Gaussian fields from Markov processes, etc.
2008-2009 Gen Nowak Tibshirani Tibshirani, Hastie, Walther Some methods for analyzing high-dimensional genomic data
2008-2009 Patrick Perry Owen Owen, Johnstone, Taylor Cross-validation for unsupervised learning
2008-2009 Baiyu Zhou Wong Wong, Siegmund, Zhang A method for the analysis of multi-factorial time course microarray data with applications to a clinical burn study
Cohort: 2007-2008
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
2007-2008 Zehao Chen Lai Lai, Walther, Switzer Estimation of high dimension covariance matrix and adaptive portfolio selection
2007-2008 Jiehua Chen Switzer Switzer, Siegmund, Rozelle Regression models with spatially correlated errors: Applications to urban core growth in China
2007-2008 Guillaume Horel Hansen Hansen, Lai, Romano Estimating integrated volatility with Markov Chains
2007-2008 Karen Kapur Wong Wong, Tibshirani, Holmes Modeling background and cross-hybridization effects of microarray probes
2007-2008 Yiyuan She Owen Owen, Hastie, Friedman, Walther Sparse regression with exact clustering
2007-2008 Zhen Wei Lai Lai, Ye, Walther Greedy functional learning machine in finance
2007-2008 Hua Zhou Diaconis Diaconis, Siegmund, Coram Topics on Markov chains with polynomial eigenfunctions
Cohort: 2006-2007
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
2006-2007 George Chang Walther Walther, Romano, Tibshirani Tools for multivariate bump hunting
2006-2007 Andreas Eckner Duffie Duffie, Giesecke, Lai Two essays on credit default correlation
2006-2007 Amy (Sisi) Kapp Tibshirani Tibshirani, Hastie, Stefanie Jeffrey Cluster analysis with the in-group proportion 
2006-2007 Ping Li Hastie Hastie, Owen, Tibshirani Stable random projections and conditional random sampling, two sampling techniques for modern massive datasets
2006-2007 Julia Salzman Diaconis Diaconis, Holmes, Wong Spectral analysis with Markov Chains
2006-2007 Seth Tribble Owen Owen, Hastie, Jackman Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithms using completely uniformly distributed sequences
2006-2007 Brit Turnbull Efron Efron, Lavori, Hastie Empirical null distributions and local false discovery rates