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Dissertations are held in the collections of
Stanford University Libraries.

Cohort: 2005-2006
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
2005-2006 Jingyang Li Lai Lai, Romano, Walther Contributions to Bayesian survival analysis
2005-2006 Charles Mathis Cover Cover, Diaconis, Efron A statistic for measuring the value of side information in investment
2005-2006 Mee Young Park Hastie Hastie, Owen, Tibshirani Generalized linear models with regularization
2005-2006 Elizabeth Purdom Holmes Holmes, Wong, Owen Multivariate kernel methods in the analysis of graphical structures
2005-2006 Armin Schwartzman Efron Efron, Hastie, Taylor Random ellipsoids and false discovery rates: statistics for diffusion tensor imaging data
2005-2006 Jianxin Shi Siegmund Siegmund, Holmes, Whittemore Quantitative trait mapping using large pedigrees and model selection
2005-2006 Victoria Stodden Donoho Donoho, Hastie, Tibshirani, Olkin, Efron Model selection when the number of variables exceeds the number of observations
2005-2006 Haipeng Xing Lai Lai, Siegmund, Walther Change-point stochastic regression models with applications to econometric time series
2005-2006 Nancy Ruonan Zhang Siegmund Siegmund, Dembo, Holmes Change-point models and sequence alignments: Statistical problems of genomics
2005-2006 Hui Zou Hastie Hastie, Efron, Tibshirani Some perspectives of sparse statistical modeling
Cohort: 2004-2005
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
2004-2005 Ery Arias-Castro Donoho Donoho, Diaconis, Siegmund Graphical Structures for Geometric Detection
2004-2005 Eric David Bair Tibshirani Tibshirani, Hastie, Walther Methods for Predicting Patient Survival Based on DNA Microarray Data
2004-2005 Sourav Chatterjee Diaconis Diaconis, Dembo, Siegmund Concentration Inequalitites with Exchangeable Pairs
2004-2005 Matthew David Finkelman Rogosa Rogosa, Lai, Switzer Statistical Issues in Computerized Adaptive Testing
2004-2005 Giles John Hooker Friedman Friedman, Owen, Hastie Diagnostics and Extrapolation in Machine Learning
2004-2005 Noureddine El Karoui Johnstone, Donoho Johnstone, Donoho, Diaconis Extended Validity of Tracy-Widom Limiting Law, With Statistical Applications
2004-2005 Ruixue Liu Owen Owen, Duffie, Efron, Walther New Findings of Functional ANOVA with Applications to Computational Finance and Statistics
2004-2005 Debashis Paul Johnstone Johnstone, Olshen, Walther Nonparametric Estimation of Principal Components
2004-2005 Jie Peng Siegmund Siegmund, Owen, Whittemore Robust Statistics of Variance Component Models to Map Genes in Humans
2004-2005 Eric Alan Stone Sidow Sidow, Romano, Tibshirani Statistical Advances in Interspecific Data Analysis