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Dissertations are held in the collections of
Stanford University Libraries.

Cohort: 2000-2001
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
2000-2001 Yuguo Chen Lai Sequential Importance Sampling with Resampling: Theory and Applications
2000-2001 Lingyu Chen Owen Owen, Liu, Walther Extensions of Stochastic Approximation for High Dimensional Optimization with Applications to Investment Allocation and Nonlinear Experimental Design
2000-2001 Shingchang Kou Efron Efron, Johnstone, Tibshirani Extended Exponential Criterion: A New Selection Procedure for Scatterplot Smoothers
2000-2001 Mu Zhu Hastie Hastie, Friedman, Tibshirani Feature Extraction and Dimension Reduction with Applications to Classification and the Analysis of Co-Occurence Data
Cohort: 1999-2000
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1999-2000 David Elashoff Siegmund Linkage mapping in S. Cervisias with Hidden Markov Models
1999-2000 Kai-Fai Ho Siegmund Siegmund, Liu, Switzer Mathematical Frameworks for Population Growth Modelling
1999-2000 Tongwei Liu Lai Lai, Liu, Siegmund Segmentation and Estimation in Stochastic Systems with Occasional Parameter Changes
1999-2000 Sandra McBride Switzer Statistical Modeling of Indoor Air Pollutant Concentration Time Series
1999-2000 Mei Chiung Shih Lai Lai, Liu, Olshen Estimation in Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models: Parametric and Nonparametric Approaches
1999-2000 Viktor Spivakovsky Lai Multiperiod Control in Stochastic Regression Models
1999-2000 Asya Rabinovich Takken Diaconis Diaconis, Johnstone, Stein Monte Carlo Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Discrete Data
1999-2000 Hsiu-Khuern Tang Siegmund Siegmund, Dembo, Liu Using Variance Components to Map Quantitative Trait Loci in Humans
1999-2000 Julia Tung Lai Parameter Estimation in Stochastic Volatility Models and Hidden Markov Chains
Cohort: 1998-1999
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1998-1999 Stephen John Ellis Friedman Friedman, Hastie, Owen Locally Adaptive Principal Components for Intrinsic Dimensionality and Density Estimation
1998-1999 Ilya Gluhovsky Switzer Switzer, Owen, Walther Image Restoration Through Modifications of Markov Chain Samplers
1998-1999 Alan Thornton Gous Efron Efron, Hastie, Switzer Exponential and Spherical Subfamily Models
1998-1999 Xiaoming Huo Donoho Donoho, Boyd, Saunders Sparse Image Representation via Combined Transforms
1998-1999 Tiefeng Jiang Dembo Dembo, Lai, Stein Maxima of Partial Sums Indexed by Geometrical Structures
1998-1999 Tiong Wee Lim Lai Lai, Dembo, Walther Recursive Integration and Optimal Stopping: Applications to Option Pricing
Cohort: 1997-1998
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1997-1998 Emmanuel J. Candès Donoho Johnstone, Papanicolaou Ridglets: Theory and Applications