Art B. Owen

Max H. Stein Professor
Professor of Statistics
Joint Appointment or Affiliation:
Art B. Owen

My main research interests are

  • Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo
  • Empirical Likelihood
  • Bioinformatics
  • Matrix/transposable data

These are illustrated further by my talks and papers. Most of my courses are doctoral-level applied statistics.

Graduation Year
Dissertation Title
Nonparametric Conditional Estimation
Advisor Name
Committee Names
Friedman, Johnstone, Solomon

Related News

The Gold Medal is awarded by the Statistical Society of Canada to a person who has made outstanding contributions to statistics or probability, either to mathematical developments or in applied work, is a current leader in their field and has made high-quality research contributions to the statistical sciences in Canada.
Professor Owen is the 2020 recipient of the Noether Senior Scholar Award from the American Statistical Association. This honor is given each year to a distinguished senior researcher or teacher in nonparametric statistics.



Research Interests