Lester Mackey

Adjunct Professor of Statistics
Lester Mackey

My current research interests include statistical machine learning, algorithms and data structures, high-dimensional statistics, and concentration inequalities. Lately, I've been developing and analyzing scalable learning algorithms for healthcare, recommender systems, approximate posterior inference, high-energy physics, and the social good.

Related News

Lester Mackey, Jessica Hwang, and Paulo Orenstein, in joint work with AER climatologist Judah Cohen and MIT professor Ernest Fraenkel, have completed a year-long real-time forecasting competition to predict temperature and precipitation in the western United States.
Assistant Professor Mackey and his collaborator Lilly Fang (PhD, JD) achieved Gold Medal status when their team “y7717” ranked first among Best Performing Teams in the DREAM Phil Bowen ALS Prediction Prize4Life Challenge.


Research Interests