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Technical Reports

Technical reports are available from a variety of series, spanning many different reporting groups and funding agencies. To date, all known reports that are present in the Archive have been scanned and appear on this site!

If you find an error on these pages, or have information regarding any of our missing reports, please send a message to the Technical Reports Archive at

You can search using title keywords, author, and/or year of issue, or browse the reports by series.

Format: 2018
Report # (Alt Rpt #) Date Author Title
Dec 2010
S. Chen
M. Matsumoto
T. Nishimura
A.B. Owen
New Inputs and Methods for Markov Chain Quasi-Monte Carlo
Nov 2010
J.S. Dyer
A.B. Owen
Correct Ordering in the Zipf–Poisson Ensemble
Nov 2010
E.J. Candès
Y. Plan
A Probabilistic and RIPless Theory of Compressed Sensing
Sep 2010
M. Tingley
P.F. Craigmile
M. Haran
B. Li
E. Mannshardt-Shamseldin
B. Rajaratnam
Piecing Together the Past: Statistical Insights into Paleoclimatic Reconstructions
Sep 2010
S. Becker
E.J. Candès
M. Grant
Templates for Convex Cone Problems with Applications to Sparse Signal Recovery
Aug 2010
E. Arias-Castro
E.J. Candès
Y. Plan
Global Testing Under Sparse Alternatives: ANOVA, Multiple Comparisons and the Higher Criticism
Jun 2010
J. Chakerian
S. Holmes
Computational Tools for Evaluating Phylogenetic and Hierarchical Clustering Trees
Jun 2010
Y. Xu An Investigation of Smoothness Measures for Semi-Supervised Learning on Graphs
Apr 2010
D.L. Donoho
A. Maleki
A. Montanari
The Noise-Sensitivity Phase Transition in Compressed Sensing
Apr 2010
J.P. Romano
A.M. Shaikh
On the Uniform Asymptotic Validity of Subsamplng and the Bootstrap