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Technical Reports

Technical reports are available from a variety of series, spanning many different reporting groups and funding agencies. To date, all known reports that are present in the Archive have been scanned and appear on this site!

If you find an error on these pages, or have information regarding any of our missing reports, please send a message to the Technical Reports Archive at

You can search using title keywords, author, and/or year of issue, or browse the reports by series.

Format: 2020
Report # (Alt Rpt #) Date Author Title Note
May 2018
E. Rosenman
M. Baiocchi
A.B. Owen
Propensity Score Methods for Merging Observational and Experimental Datasets
Apr 2018
E.J. Candès
P. Sur
The Phase Transition for the Existence of the Maximum Likelihood Estimate in High-dimensional Logistic Regression
Mar 2018
P. Sur
E.J. Candès
A Modern Maximum-Likelihood Theory for High-Dimensional Logistic Regression updated April 25
Jan 2018
R.F. Barber
E.J. Candès
R.J. Samworth
Robust Inference with Knockoffs
Nov 2017
A. Fu
B. Narasimhan
S. Boyd
CVXR: An R Package for Disciplined Convex Optimization
Nov 2017
E. Dobriban
A.B. Owen
Deterministic Parallel Analysis
Nov 2017
B. Efron Bayes, Oracle Bayes, and Empirical Bayes
Oct 2017
I.M. Johnstone
A. Onatski
Testing in High-Dimensional Spiked Models
Oct 2017
A.B. Owen
Y. Maximov
M. Chertkov
Importance Sampling the Union of Rare Events with an Application to Power Systems Analysis
Jul 2017
D. Donoho From Blackboard to Bedside: High-Dimensional Geometry is Transforming the MRI Industry