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Technical Reports

Technical reports are available from a variety of series, spanning many different reporting groups and funding agencies. To date, all known reports that are present in the Archive have been scanned and appear on this site!

If you find an error on these pages, or have information regarding any of our missing reports, please send a message to the Technical Reports Archive at

You can search using title keywords, author, and/or year of issue, or browse the reports by series.

Format: 2020
Report # (Alt Rpt #) Date Author Title Note
Dec 2013
E.J. Candès
X. Li
M. Soltanolkotabi
Phase Retrieval from Coded Diffraction Patterns
Nov 2013
D. Donoho
A. Montanari
High Dimensional Robust M-Estimation: Asymptotic Variance via Approximate Message Passing
Nov 2013
D.L. Donoho
M. Gavish
I.M. Johnstone
Optimal Shrinkage of Eigenvalues in the Spiked Covariance Model revised and expanded in Feb 2014
Nov 2013
H.P. Chan
T.L. Lai
A General Theory of Particle Filters in Hidden Markov Models and Some Applications
Nov 2013
T.L. Lai
O.Y-W. Liao
D.W. Kim
Group Sequential Designs for Developing and Testing Biomarker-guided Personalized Therapies in Comparative Effectiveness Research
Oct 2013
M. Bogdan
E. van den Berg
W. Su
E.J. Candès
Statistical Estimation and Testing via the Ordered l_1 Norm
Sep 2013
R. Witten
E.J. Candès
Randomized Algorithms for Low-Rank Factorizations: Sharp Performance Bounds
Jun 2013
E.Y. Chung
J.P. Romano
Multivariate and Multiple Permutation Tests
May 2013
D.L. Donoho
M. Gavish
The Optimal Hard Threshold for Singular Values is 4/sqrt(3) revised Nov 2013
Apr 2013
D.L. Donoho
M. Gavish
Minimax Risk of Matrix Denoising by Singular Value Thresholding