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Talking Across Fields Attendee Registration

Thank you for joining us for Talking Across Fields, January 31st to February 2nd. Please help us plan for refreshments and other amenities by completing this contact form. Registration must close on Monday, January 27th, at 6pm PST.

Note that a limited supply of funds are available for partial support of travel and accommodation expenses incurred by conference attendees who are members of under-represented groups such as early-career participants, women, and others. If you are interested in applying for partial reimbursement of expenses from this fund, please select 'Yes' to the question on this form, and send your CV to Sumit Mukherjee at If you are PhD student, a letter from your advisor is also required: direct your letter to Sumit Mukherjee. Materials must be received by December 22nd to ensure consideration for funding.

Feel free to include your home department as well: "Columbia Statistics", for example.
If Yes, send CV (and advisor letter for application by PhD students) to Sumit Mukherjee at