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Two more Fellows will join the Statistics Department in September: Alden Green and Shuangping Li.
The Statistics Department is honored to announce a full lineup of doctoral dissertation awards this year. Each hard-won distinction is accompanied by a prize of $1,000 and recipients will be presented with their certificates during our diploma ceremony on June 12th.
The Departmental Teaching Assistant Awards underscore Stanford's dedication to teaching quality, not only by our faculty but also by our many talented teaching assistants.

Upcoming Seminars & Events

  Sequoia 200
  Shuangping Li, Stanford Statistics
  Sequoia 200
  Valentin Féray, Université de Lorraine
  Sloan 380Y
  Julia Salzman, Stanford Biochemistry
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Industrial Affiliates

Our IA Program develops practical relationships between the department and the industrial community by creating opportunities for scientists, engineers, and developers from high-profile businesses to meet with our graduate students and share research topics in an informal setting. The annual conference for members, faculty, and final-year PhD candidates is a highlight event in our academic year.

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Written by Witten

Our (formerly) own Daniela Witten (PhD 2010), now professor and the Dorothy Gilford Endowed Chair of Mathematical Statistics at the University of Washington, has contributed a special brand of advice to doctoral students in the April/May issue of IMS Bulletin:


Ryan Tibshirani (PhD 2011) is the 2022 recipient of the prestigious Mortimer Spiegelman Award. Now professor of statistics at UC Berkeley, Ryan has been recognized by the American Public Health Association (APHA) as an early-career researcher who has made outstanding contributions to statistical methodology and its applications in public health.

Ryan joins a distinctive group of Stanford Statistics alums honored by the APHA, including: Norman Breslow (PhD 1967) in 1980; Rebecca Betensky (PhD 1992) in 2005; John Storey (PhD 2002) in 2015; and Daniela Witten (PhD 2010) in 2019.

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