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In their official announcement today, the Royal Society named the exceptional scientists who will make up the newest cohort of Fellows of the UK’s national academy of sciences.
This year's election of new members to the AAAS honors excellence, innovation, and leadership and recognizes a broad array of stellar accomplishments among the individuals named. We are so proud to announce that Amir is among this group.
The C. R. and Bhargavi Rao Prize is awarded in odd-numbered years by the Department of Statistics at Penn State University. Previous recipients have included Grace Wahba, Herman Chernoff, and Brad Efron. It was established by C. R.

The Statistics, Data Science and MCS Diploma Ceremony is Sunday, June 18th

Upcoming Seminars & Events

  Sloan 380C
  Michael Betancourt, Symplectomorphic LLC
  Sequoia 200
  Konstantin Tikhomirov, Carnegie Mellon
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Industrial Affiliates

Our IA Program develops practical relationships between the department and the industrial community by creating opportunities for scientists, engineers, and developers from high-profile businesses to meet with our graduate students and share research topics in an informal setting. The annual conference for members, faculty, and final-year PhD candidates is a highlight event in our academic year.

Stanford Data Science Scholars

Apply for the new cohort by Monday, June 5th, at 5pm

Stanford Data Science Scholars make up a diverse group of early-career researchers and trainees from all parts of the university who are using and developing data science methods in their research. They are a select collection of current Stanford PhD students from all disciplines who are contributing to data-intensive science in the traditional sciences or other fields. During each two-year program, Scholars are provided research support and a variety of opportunities within this unique multidisciplinary group to advance data science for the community at Stanford and beyond.

Keynote Video

Neural Information Processing Systems Conference keynote address by Emmanuel Candès

The recording of his 2022 Breiman Lecture on Conformal Prediction along with the slide deck are available for viewing at the NeurIPS site.

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