Industrial Affiliates Annual Conference

This highlight event will be attended by IA Program Members alongside Statistics Department faculty and graduate students. Affiliates will have an opportunity to meet the students and faculty, and will give short presentations: a 25-minute informal talk that introduces the speaker and the company, and offers a discussion of the role of statistics within that company, or even poses a statistical problem of particular interest to that company or industry. We also expect a number of graduate students to present their research.

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November 11, 2022

*** In Person! ***

Live and direct and taking place at Gunn Rotunda, Room E241 of the ChEM-H / Neuro Research Complex on the main Stanford Campus

Conference Timetable



Session I: Jacqueline Meulman
9:05am Peter Redl and Meeyoung Park, Google
9:30am Ying Jin, 4th-year PhD student
  "Selection by prediction with conformal p-values"
9:55am Ping Li and Kinjal Basu, LinkedIn
10:40am Kevin Fry, 4th-year PhD student
  "Structured prediction error estimation"
10:45am Morning Break
Session II: John Chambers
11:05am Chen Cheng, 4th-year PhD student
  "How many labelers do you have? A closer look at gold-standard labels"
11:30am James Johndrow, Citadel
11:55am Isaac Gibbs, 4th-year PhD student
  "Adaptive conformal inference under distribution shift"
12:20pm Lunch at Gunn Rotunda Patio
Session III: Guenther Walther
1:10pm Michael Berger and Yuanyuan Li, Munich Re
1:35pm Jayoon Jang, 4th-year PhD student
  "Fast and optimal changepoint detection and localization using Bonferroni intervals"
2:00pm Vikram Krishnamurthy, AIL-SV/Nissan-USA
2:25pm Afternoon Break
Session IV: Art Owen
2:45pm John Cherian, 3rd-year PhD student
  "Statistical inference for fairness auditing"
3:10pm Louis Chen and Fan Zhang, Two Sigma
3:35pm Harrison Li, 3rd-year PhD student
  "Optimality in tie-breaker designs and applications to evaluating social programs"
4:00pm Closing Remarks