Industrial Affiliates Annual Conference

This highlight event will be attended by IA Program Members alongside Statistics Department faculty and graduate students. Affiliates will have an opportunity to meet the students and faculty, and will give short presentations: a 25-minute informal talk that introduces the speaker and the company, and offers a discussion of the role of statistics within that company, or even poses a statistical problem of particular interest to that company or industry. We also expect a number of graduate students to present their research.

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November 9, 2023

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Live and direct and taking place at Gunn Rotunda, Room E241 of the ChEM-H / Neuro Research Complex on the main Stanford Campus


2023 Conference Timetable

Session I: Jacqueline Meulman
9:05aAugust Liu, Google
9:30aZitong Yang, 2nd-year PhD student: "ResMem: Learn what you can, memorize the rest"
9:55aLi Yao and Pierre Demartines, BlackRock
10:20aAsher Spector, 3rd-year PhD student: "An exact and nonparametric goodness-of-fit test for factor models"
10:45aMorning Break
Session II: Guenther Walther
11:05aYuanyuan Li, Munich Re
11:30aDisha Ghandwani, 4th-year PhD student: "Scalable solution to crossed random effects model with random slopes"
11:55aVikram Krishnamurthy and Tony Gong, Alliance Innovation Lab-Silicon Valley (AIL-SV) Nissan USA
Session III: John Chambers
1:10pMichael Howes, 3rd-year PhD student: "Markov chain Monte Carlo hypothesis tests"
1:35pMaxime Cauchois and Yuming Kuang, Two Sigma
2:00pAnav Sood, 4th-year PhD student: "A statistical view of column subset selection"
2:25pAfternoon Break
Session IV: Art Owen
2:45pRina Friedberg and Kenneth Tay, LinkedIn
3:10pChen Cheng, 5th-year PhD student: "Understanding Laplace noise reduction mechanism via backwards martingale"
3:35pIsaac Gibbs, 5th-year PhD student: "Conformal inference with conditional guarantees"
4:00pClosing Remarks