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Welcome to the Department of Statistics at Stanford University. Statistics has been taught at Stanford since 1924 when Harold Hotelling joined the university. The program became a full department at Stanford in 1948 under the direction of Albert Bowker, and we moved into the new custom-designed Sequoia Hall in February of 1998, our 50th anniversary. During this time the department has evolved into a preeminent center for statistical research, top-ranked in the United States, with our doctoral program ranked number one by the US National Research Council.

The Statistics Department's goal is research and student training in statistical methodology and in probability. Throughout its history, the department has also been very active in the development of these methodologies to advance other fields in the sciences and in medicine. The department administers an interdisciplinary undergraduate major in Mathematical and Computational Science. This program has been ahead of its time by recognizing the importance of computing in the new age of big data.

Statistics at Stanford is further complemented at the graduate level with a Data Science track in our master's program, while the Training Program in Biostatistics for Personalized Medicine is offered through our doctoral program. All these features and much more can be found among the menu items here. Thank you for visiting our site; please look around and let us know how it is serving your interests.