Statistics & Data Science MS Advisors

Our directory of MS advisors is intended for current Statistics and Data Science MS students.

Under the recommendation of the department Student Services Officer, prospective or incoming Stanford students may request advising from our faculty. MS advisors are under no obligation to respond to questions or requests from individuals outside Stanford.

2022-23 MS Program Advisors

Students are assigned by their last name (alpha order) to balance student-advisor ratio.

If needed, you'll be able to discuss with your program advisor at the start of the quarter to help you determine the appropriate enrollment before the final study list deadline. Please see the information concerning course placement question under the FAQ section below.

Guidelines and expectations to help establish a professional and respectful academic advising culture.


Advisors may also serve as your independent study or research mentor (STATS299).

International students are required to notify their program advisor before applying for CPT.





Sourav Chatterjee

Professor Sourav Chatterjee

Student's Last Name starting with A through K

Lu Tian

Professor Lu Tian

Student's Last Name starting with L through R

Associate Professor Percy Liang

Student's Last Name starting with S through Z

Stefan Wager

Assistant Professor Stefan Wager

Data Science students