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Statistics Department Seminar

The Statistics Seminars for Autumn Quarter will be held in Room 380C of the Sloan Mathematics Center in the Main Quad at 4:30pm on Tuesdays. Refreshments are served at 4pm in the Lounge on the first floor of Sequoia Hall.

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We provide a LaTeX template for speakers to use when submitting the abstract for a seminar (sample PDF output). Using this template makes it possible to post the abstract promptly and without unintended errors that might creep in if your text has to be migrated from another source.

Questions about Seminars may be sent to

December 2018
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Wed 05 Dec
Extra Seminar
Matt Wand University of Technology Sydney ---
Tue 04 Dec
Yingying Fan USC ---
November 2018
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 27 Nov
Rachel Ward UT Austin ---
Tue 20 Nov
Thanksgiving Week --- No Seminar ---
Tue 06 Nov
Jason Lee USC ---
October 2018
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 30 Oct
Philip Stark UC Berkeley Student evaluations of teaching do not measure teaching effectiveness: What do they measure?
Tue 23 Oct
Art Owen Stanford Statistics Optimizing the tie-breaker regression discontinuity design
Tue 16 Oct
Tengyu Ma Stanford Statistics and Computer Science On the margin theory of feedforward neural networks
Tue 09 Oct
Kristian Lum Human Rights Data Analysis Group Statistical challenges in casualty estimation
Tue 02 Oct
David Donoho Stanford Statistics The statistical significance of perfect linear separation
September 2018
Date/Time Speaker Affiliation Title
Tue 25 Sep
Jerry Li UC Berkeley Simons Institute Efficient algorithms for high-dimensional robust learning
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