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Please contact for PhD admissions inquiries and for MS admissions inquiries.

Ellen Van Stone

Department Manager
Phone: 650.723.2625

Heather Lee Murthy

Research Financial Manager
Phone: 650.725.2228
  • Grants and contracts
  • Faculty gift funds
  • Industrial Affiliate membership

Regina Miller

Student Services Officer
Phone: 650.723.1796
  • Statistics PhD advising, degree progress, qualifying exams
  • Statistics PhD admissions
  • Course scheduling, curriculum
  • Commencement

Audrey Bowler

Administrative Associate
Phone: 650.498.4530
  • Faculty Affairs
  • Grant and contract support

Caroline Gates

Student Services Specialist
Phone: 650.723.2154
  • MS Statistics & Financial Mathematics Program
  • Mathematical & Computational Science Program
  • M&CS advising support for Professor Holmes
  • VIGRE and M&CS Webmaster

Cindy Kirby

Administrative Associate, Technical Reports Archive
Phone: 650.725.2229
  • Building Manager
  • Statistics Department Webmaster

Angie Martinez

Administrative Associate
Phone: 650.725.2245
  • General department information
  • Lost and Found

Helen Tombropoulos

Administrative Associate, Mathematical & Computational Science Program
Phone: 650.723.2620
  • M&CS advising support for Professors Efron & Sabatti
  • Textbook ordering