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Statistics Coterm Eligibility

The following information pertains to current Stanford undergraduate students only.

The Coterminal program allows matriculated Stanford undergraduates to study for a master of science degree while completing their undergraduate degree(s) concurrently. Detailed information regarding the policies and procedures of coterminal degrees can be found in the GAP handbook.

Admission is highly competitive and is not automatic. Applications must be submitted via the online system.

Interested applicants must make an appointment with the Statistics department SSO prior to starting or submitting the Statistics coterm application.

Stanford undergrads interested in the Data Science subplan may apply as external candidates during the regular admissions cycle. Admission is for autumn quarter matriculation only.

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University Eligibility Policy
Requirements for coterm admission set by the University.
  • Completion of 120 units towards graduation as shown on the undergraduate transcript, including credit earned from transfer credit, Advanced Placement exams, and other external test credit.
  • Completion of six non-Summer quarters at Stanford; or two non-Summer quarters at Stanford for transfer students.
  • Declaration of an undergraduate major.
  • Students may apply to one coterm program per quarter, and may not apply to another coterm master's program until the admissions process for the initial application has been completed, including the student's response to the offer of admission (if admitted).

University policy resource links:

Department Eligibility

The application must provide evidence of potential for strong academic performance as a graduate student.
Coterminal applicants must have taken two courses taught by the Statistics department and done well in them in order to apply. We encourage interested applicants to apply as early as possible after completing the two course requirements.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure he or she meets all eligibility requirements before applying. All application materials, including supporting documents, must be submitted by the application deadline.

Eligibility guidelines 

Required Coursework: Two courses taught by the Statistics department in addition to introductory programming and linear algebra

  1. MATH 51 or 61CM or 61DM (or 104 or 113)
  2. STATS116,  STATS 117 or Math 151
    1. or STATS 118, STATS217, STATS218, or other probability or stochastic processes taught by the Statistics Department (see course substitution note below). 
  3. An additional course in Statistics: STATS191 or STATS 203 (or higher (e.g., STATS 200, 202, 270, etc.; see course substitution note below)
    1. STATS195 is not a qualifying course.
  4. CS 106A (or CS 106B; see course substitution note below)

Courses must be graded before applying, not in progress. Fulfillment of this requirement is not based on having taken the courses but doing well in them.

NOTE: Allowable course substitutions which may be transferable to the Statistics MS upon admission: Math 151, Math 136,  Math 230A,B,C, CS 229. 

Similar courses taught by other departments (e.g., CS 109, MS&E 120, Econ 102 series) are not considered equivalent.

Submit Application by Deadline
Academic year application planning
Entry QuarterApplication availableApplication Deadline (11:59 PM Pacific)Decision Date

Autumn 2024

(2024-25 AY)

Application openJune 27, 2024 (Thursday)Late July
Winter 2025Application opens September 12, 2024October 3, 2024November 8, 2024
Spring 2025Application opens September 12, 2024January 9, 2025February 7, 2025

Autumn 2025

(2025-26 AY)

Application opens January 15, 2025May 22, 2025Late June
Required Application Materials
  • Transcripts: Upload an official current Stanford transcript
  • Official GRE Scores: Not required
  • Statement of Purpose
    • Your statement should be typed, single-spaced, and no longer than two pages with a one inch margin at the top of each page, ensuring that your full name and the program to which you are applying is on each page.
    • Explain the nature of your interest in Statistics. Include details about your preparation for this field of study, your future career plans, and any other aspects of your background and interests that may aid the admissions committee in evaluating your aptitude and motivation for graduate study. Overall, the personal statement should be concise, focused, and well written.
  • Resume: Upload your resume or CV.
  • Statistics MS Program Proposal: Complete and upload the Statistics Masters Program Proposal form (File > Make a copy). This is a preliminary form to provide information to the committee on your planned program completion. (Include eligible course transfers as well.) 
    • An MS advisor signature is not required for the application.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation: Submit two letters of recommendation from Stanford faculty members/advisors/supervisors who are qualified to evaluate your potential for graduate study. Applicants should ask for recommendation letters as early as possible as they are often asked to write reference letters for many students. We also advise that you ask for one more recommender than is required, in case one of them is unable to provide a letter for you by the deadline.
    • You will enter their information in the application and a request for a recommendation letter will be emailed to them. Reminders can be sent to the recommender between application submission and the application deadline.
Application Review

Application review begins promptly after the application deadline.

Decision Notification is sent via email only.

 A $125 application fee will be assessed by the Registrar’s office for those accepted and matriculated into the program.

Contact Info

If you have questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to: stat-coterm [at] (stat-coterm[at]lists[dot]stanford[dot]edu)




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