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Prospective Graduate Students

Thank you for your interest in Stanford's Statistics graduate degree programs.

Please take a look at our Academic Programs Overview webpage for details about our program options.

The department is unable to provide any admissions counseling, such as advising or assessment of an applicant's qualifications and therefore does not respond to such requests. Applicants must determine eligibility before starting the application. Eligibility and application requirements are set by the University.

Our M.S. admissions and degree program pages address all the relevant information, so please take the time to read them thoroughly. We address the logistics of finishing the degree program on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Statistics department does not have staff dedicated to graduate admissions and therefore does not have the resources to accommodate scheduled or drop-in visits from prospective masters students. Only those invited by the Statistics Admissions committee will be obliged. Prospective applicants are welcome to visit Stanford's campus.

Application Deadlines:

External Applicants

Program Type Program Start Deadline Decision Timeline
PhD General Applicants Autumn quarter 2019-2020 December 4, 2019 Late February
MS (both Statistics & Data Science) General Applicants Autumn quarter 2019-2020 January 15, 2019 Late February/Early March
MS (Statistics) Honors Cooperative Program Autumn quarter 2019-2020 January 15, 2019 Late February/Early March

Visit the Stanford campus

Prospective students who wish to visit Stanford should go to the Visitor Center for more information about the university calendar and campus tour options.

Please do not send status inquiries or admissions questions to the faculty, staff or students in the Statistics department; they will not respond.