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Department Emergency Plan

The members of the Emergency Preparedness Team here in Sequoia Hall want our building occupants to know how to be ready for an emergency.

We've created "Emergency Preparedness in Sequoia Hall" as a guide to the basic topics related to your safety and security under our roof. Please take some time to review this important information, and make it a part of your personal emergency preparedness. You might store a few important phone numbers or email addresses in your mobile device, check out the online resources and videos we've linked, or simply learn something new about how to respond to the unexpected. And always feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns about any of these issues.

Another resource here is "Ten Questions", a checklist to help you discover what you already know or might want to learn more about.  This document has been written with a different perspective in mind, specifically yours, as a way to make emergency preparedness more personal, which indeed it is. How many of the ten questions will you be able to answer? Give it a try....

For even more guidance on responding to specific emergency situations, you can access the Stanford Emergency Response Guidelines online. The entire document or any individual section may be downloaded for reference; in Sequoia Hall, you can inspect copies of these Guidelines that are posted beside both sets of elevator doors as well as in the first-floor printer area, Room 122A.


If you have questions about any of this material, please call, write, or visit us: 

  • Nelly Elespuru
    elespuru [at] (elespuru[at]stanford[dot]edu)
    (650) 723-2625
    Room 125
  • Cindy Kirby
    ckirby [at] (ckirby[at]stanford[dot]edu)
    (650) 725-2229
    Room 218