External Candidates

Statistics and Data Science MS Application Deadline for Autumn 2022-23: December 1, 2021 (Wednesday)


Note: The Statistics Data Science admissions is separate from that of the ICME (Engineering) Data Science program.


External candidates are those who have:

  • finished a degree (BA/BS/MA/MS/Doctoral) at another institution prior to the upcoming academic year (e.g. 2022-23). (International Academic Credentials)
  • completed a degree at Stanford (BA/BS/MA/MS/Doctoral).
  • Stanford students who will be completing their Masters degree in the upcoming academic year (e.g. degree conferred in 2021-22).
  • you are currently a non-matriculated graduate students at Stanford. (Important: please notify department student services officer of your intentions to apply.)


Admissions is for Autumn Quarter admission only. We do not accept applications for any other start quarter. The online application system opens in October of each year, for the following academic year.


Application Review

File review begins promptly after the application deadline. We urge applicants to take the GRE  and TOEFL, if necessary, well in advance of the application deadline.

All application materials, including supporting documents must be RECEIVED/SUBMITTED at the time of application deadline.