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Graduating students' names are in red in your class roster. Please check your roster early to identify if any are graduating. Note that if you consider that a graduating student has a passing grade, but you have yet to determine the specific grade, you may submit an ‘L’ grade for them. This is a temporary notation that represents creditable completion of a course for which the student will receive a permanent letter grade after the grading submission deadline (and before the start of the next quarter). Students may graduate with an L grade on their transcript.

If you will be leaving Stanford and possibly unreachable immediately after the quarter ends, please plan ahead. You must enter your grades, or designate a proxy (see Recording and Submitting Grades, above) to do so, before you leave.

Returning Graded Work

Make sure that any coursework and exams that are left in any common areas do not have personally identifiable information visible. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) policy relating to this includes the following guidelines:

Are graded exams and graded papers FERPA records?

Yes. Therefore departments should not leave them in a public area for students to collect if the exams/papers include personally identifiable information such as the student’s name. If this is the chosen method of returning graded work then please consider the following:
♦    Use a random identifier or other means to maintain anonymity - EmplIDs (8 digit Stanford numbers) can be used for this purpose.
♦    Return the work without the grade.
♦    Place the grade inside the paper/homework/exam and insert a staple on the side of the document before placing it in a return box. This is easy to do and effectively prevents students who are searching for their exam from inadvertently seeing other students' grades. (If a student really wants to view another student’s grade s/he will be able to do so, but this solution is deemed acceptable.)
♦  For short assignments (one or two pages), have students fold the document in half and write their name on top before submitting it. Instructors/TAs can then grade the work and staple it closed with the grade inside.
♦    Return work to students during TA office hours or let students make an appointment with you to pick up their work.
♦    Post the grades online.