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PhD Minor

Students must complete a total of 30 units for the Ph.D. Minor. 20 units must be from Statistics courses numbered 300 and above and must be taken for a letter grade (minimum grade of B for each course). The remaining 10 units of Statistics courses can be 200 level and above and must be taken for a letter grade (minimum grade of B for each course). Students may not include more than one unit of Stats 390, Consulting Workshop, towards the 30 units. The selection of courses must be approved by the Statistics department, and the application form (see next paragraph) must be approved by both the student's Ph.D. department and the Statistics department. After submitting an application, students should email the susiele [at] (subject: Stats%20PhD%20Minor) (Student Services Manager) to follow up, attaching a copy of their unofficial Stanford transcript, highlighting any relevant courses and grades.

Note that, per Stanford's PhD minor policy (scroll to the very end), a Ph.D. Minor Application eform is submitted at the time of (or after) admission to candidacy (in the student's major department), and all of the course work for a minor must be done at Stanford and must be completed prior to a student moving to TGR status. Units taken for the minor can be counted as part of the overall requirement for the Ph.D. of 135 units of graduate course work done at Stanford. Courses used for a minor may not be used also to meet the requirements for a master's degree or for the completion of a different Ph.D. minor.