MS Admissions FAQ

Application instructions and information about admissions requirements and procedures are available from the Graduate Admissions section of the Registrar's Office.

The information below addresses common questions about applying to the Statistics and the Data Science degree programs. Please also review the department's bulletin for details about the program's degree requirements.

TIP: Make sure your first and last name remains consistent throughout the application process and in your correspondence with the department.


Please review the information presented below. If your question was not answered on this list or addressed by Graduate Admissions, you may send your inquiry to:


Prospective Applicants

Do you provide pre-application assessments?

No, our office does not offer evaluation of applicant's qualifications. Due to the significant demand of student services responsibilities we cannot accommodate in-person visits.
The admissions committee reviews an applicant's overall attributes in the context of the entire applicant pool each year and is not based solely on high ranking test scores or GPAs.

When does the application open for Autumn term enrollment?

The Graduate Admissions applications opens in October each year.

The deadline to apply for 2022-23 academic year is December 1, 2021 (11:59 PM PST)

My mathematics background isn't that strong. Should I still apply?

These recommendations are guidelines to help applicants determine whether they are prepared to start either the Statistics or Data Science graduate program.

A strong mathematics background, especially in probability, statistics and linear algebra, is important in the admission process. However, it is not the only factor that determines which applicants are admitted. If such is the case, it is strongly suggested that prospective applicants consider strengthening their math skills and apply later.



What type of courses should I take to prepare myself for applying?

These are RECOMMENDED PREPARATORY COURSES  (independent learning/online or certificate program/community college, etc.) that would provide an applicant with an introduction to requirements of the degree program. These suggestions are not required coursework for applying.

Our office does not evaluate an applicant's qualifications.

  • For the Statistics M.S. program, recommended preparatory courses include advanced undergraduate level courses
    • in linear algebra
    • statistics/probability
    • and proficiency in programming (java, C++).


  • For the Data Science program, fundamental courses in mathematics and computing may be needed as prerequisites for other courses in the program. Recommended preparatory courses include advanced undergraduate level courses in the following in order to have a successful start in the program:
    • linear algebra
    • probability
    • introductory courses in stochastic processes
    • numerical method
    • and proficiency in programming (Basic usage of the Python and C/C++ programming languages)

Courtesy of Stanford CS:


What are the minimum degree requirements of international applicants?

Academic credentials can be verified on the graduate admissions webpages and vary by the country in which you earned your undergraduate degree:

Can I transfer to the Statistics graduate program from another graduate degree program (either at Stanford or another institution)?

Stanford University does not accept transfer (graduate) students from other Universities. Whether you are a student in another graduate degree program at Stanford, or started a graduate program elsewhere, you are considered an external applicant and are welcome to apply through Graduate Admissions.


Units from a graduate program completed at other institutions may be transferred to Stanford for those completing a doctoral degree at Stanford.

Graduate credit from other accredited institutions is not transferrable to any Masters program at Stanford.

See Graduate Residency Credit in the Stanford bulletin.

Does Stanford accept transfer credit to the Master's degree?

Master’s students are not eligible for graduate residency credit. All units for the M.S. degree (45 units) must be taken at Stanford.

Does the Statistics department offer an online degree?

No. The Department of Statistics does not offer an online M.S. degree. The majority of courses in statistics and related courses that provide breadth to the degree can only be completed on-campus during normal business hours. Courses offered online are those listed on the SCPD website.

Although there are many eligible courses offered via SCPD that can be taken to fulfill the degree’s requirements, there are certain core requirements that cannot be replaced by online courses.

Am I eligible to apply to the Master's program if I have already earned a graduate degree?

Applicants who have already earned a graduate degree are advised to write a compelling statement of purpose describing your motivation for graduate study, future career plans and other relevant aspects of your background and interests. Ordinarily, the committee does not admit those who already hold graduate degrees, especially those in related fields. Applying to this program ought not to duplicate a degree you currently hold or are earning elsewhere.

Does enrolling in SCPD courses increase my chances of admission?

No. Choosing to enroll in Stanford courses via SCPD should be based on intellectual development.

Can non-matriculated graduate students at Stanford apply to the M.S. program?

Non-matriculated graduate students  in other departments at Stanford may apply as external candidates to either the Statistics or Data Science M.S. degree program.

We ask that you notify the department of your intentions to apply or upon application submission to circumvent a duplicate student record being created.

You may email the M.S. program officer, Caroline Gates with our current student status and student ID number.

Will contacting the faculty help my chances of being admitted?

Unfortunately, our faculty are unable to respond to questions about admissions or application status reports. All such solicitations will be discarded.

Can I take classes at Stanford even if I'm not in a degree program? (Courses for Credit)

Individuals who are interested in taking classes online can do so through Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD). Students registered in courses via SCPD are classified as non-degree option (NDO) students and are expected to complete courses entirely online.
Individuals must apply before the start of the quarter. Application portal for new students. NDO Student handbook
Only select courses are offered through SCPD and there are limitations as to when you can enroll.

NDO students are not part of a degree program unless they apply and have been accepted into a graduate degree program at Stanford.

What types of jobs do the Statistics Masters students find after graduation?

Many students find employment in data science, research analysis, software engineering, program management  within the technology sector (operations research), or finance industry (asset management, acquisitions/mergers, business analytics) as well as various governmental services. Graduates have found employment in the Bay Area and other major cities around the world.

Most graduates are finding work in the greater Bay Area's technology sector which is increasingly expanding into new markets. Examples of job recruitment, including salary, can be found sites such as Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter, (nor is this a department ednorsement of these companies.)


Most common job titles of graduates from Statistics or Data Science may differ according to each company.

  • Data scientist
  • Research Engineer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Quantitative researcher


The campus hosts several career fairs throughout the year.


We do not track alumni job placement, company retention/promotions or salary data.

Can I visit the department and speak with the faculty and/or students?

The Department of Statistics is closed until further notice.

Please note the following regarding the status of visiting the physical Stanford campus: In response to COVID-19 and in accordance with guidelines from federal, state and county agencies, all of the Visitor Center's on-campus (in person) tours, information sessions and programs remain suspended for the foreseeable future until further notice.

Can I apply to more than one graduate program at Stanford?

Applicants may apply to only one degree program per academic year with these exceptions:

  • Within the Biosciences,  you may apply to up to three Ph.D. programs within your one application. Those programs are Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Informatics, Biophysics, Cancer Biology, Chemical & Systems Biology,  Developmental Biology, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology & Immunology, Molecular & Cellular Physiology, Neurosciences, Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, and Structural Biology.
  • You may apply concurrently to one departmental program and to a professional school program (law, medicine (M.D. program) or business). For instance, it is feasible to apply to a degree program in one department and to the PhD program at the Graduate School of Business simultaneously.


Prior to final submission, the applicant attests to submitting only one application to a graduate degree program.

  • I have submitted only one application for admission to graduate study at Stanford for the requested academic year indicated on this application.

Applicants who submit more than one application to multiple degree programs will have their application cancelled by the Graduate Admissions Office.

How long is the typical program of study?

Master’s students usually finish within 5 quarters, (Year 1: Autumn, Winter, Spring; Year 2: Autumn, Winter).

Will completing the M.S. increase my chances of admission to the Ph.D. in Statistics at Stanford?

The Statistics M.S. program is a terminal degree program; completing the Master's degree does not lead to our doctoral program. Applicants with a strong mathematical background who wish to go on to a Ph.D. in Statistics should consider applying directly to the Ph.D. program.

Do you have rolling admissions?

No. External applications are accepted only once a year on the posted deadlines for autumn quarter start. Please refer to the Internal or External deadline pages.

How many applicants do you admit each year?

The number of applications increases by 100+ every year, our most recent year with combined 700+ applications for both programs. The department admits a combined 40 applicants (Statsitics and Dtaa Science) for autumn quarter start.

Is there an interview component of the application?

There is no interview component of the application to the Statistics M.S. program.

Statistics & Data Science

What is a terminal degree?

The Statistics and Data Science masters programs are considered terminal degrees intended to prepare students for careers in STEM.

It is not a direct path to the doctoral program in Statistics or any other doctoral program at Stanford.

Matriculated students may apply to any doctoral program they are eligible for within the University during their tenure at Stanford.

Is the Data Science subplan a stand-alone degree?

The Data Science subplan is a program within the Statistics department. Students earn a Master of Science degree in Statistics with the Data Science notation.

How do I apply for the Statistics Data Science track?

The application is the same as that of the Statistics Masters application process. Applicants should indicate their interest in the Data Science track by selecting Data Science from the Specialization section.

Program Selection:

Program Name: Statistics MS

Term: Autumn 20xx-20xx

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Departmental Specialization:
Drop down: Data Science
[Only applicants who intend to pursue the Data Science subplan should select the specialization from the drop down menu.]


Applicants will not be considered for both programs when selecting the Data Science subplan.

If I apply to the Data Science program, will I also be considered for the Statistics M.S. program?

No. Applicants who select Data Science will only be considered for this program and NOT in addition to the Statistics M.S. degree program.

Can I apply for the Data Science track as a coterm or internal graduate student?

No, the Data Science track is not open to coterminal applicants or graduate students in other departments/programs.

Current Stanford students must apply through graduate admissions application system as an external candidate.

Is the Data Science track offered as a part-time degree (HCP)?

No, the Statistics Data Science track is not offered as a part-time degree (HCP).

Only the Statistics Master's degree is offered as an HCP degree.

What is the difference between the Data Science track in ICME and Statistics?

The Data Science program curriculum requirements are exactly the same. The Data Science program in Statistics is intended as a terminal degree. Please refer to ICME graduate program application page for department specifications (School of Engineering). Applicants can only apply to one program.

Is the degree in Statistics and Data Science a STEM field?

Yes, both programs qualify as a STEM field.


Can I send my updated transcripts after I submitted my application?

We ask that applicants do not send their updated transcripts. Such documents would only delay application review. The application record at the time of submission ought to reflect your strengths and goals.

Do I need to send official transcripts when applying?

Do not send transcripts to the department as part of the application process.

Official final transcripts will be required of applicants who are offered admission. The applicant will be requied to transmit official transcripts (sealed envelope) or certified electronic transcripts prior to matriculation.


Transcripts are documents establishing an applicant's academic record from their previous institution for (full-time) one year or more.* Students who transferred between any undergraduate institutions will need to provide a set of transcripts for each college.

Paper transcripts must be in a sealed envelope and sent either by the applicant or directly from the institution.

Will the department accept S/CR grades during the COVID-19 period?

In light of the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, Stanford reaffirms its commitment to perform individualized, holistic review of each applicant to its graduate and professional programs. We recognize that students may have faced significant challenges during the period of disruption caused by the pandemic, and we will take such individual circumstances into account during application review. Importantly, we will respect decisions regarding the adoption of Credit/No Credit and other grading options during this unprecedented period of COVID-19 disruption, whether they are made by institutions or by individual students. Our goal remains to form graduate student cohorts that are excellent and encompass a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences that enrich the graduate educational experience.

We are aware of some school closings in areas impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, and that it may delay some courses of study as well as the reporting of official school documents. If you are impacted by this, please contact our office to request an extension: We will do our best to work with you and your department. 

Do I need to upload transcripts from my study abroad program or transferred courses?

Transcripts are documents establishing an applicant's academic record from their previous institution for one year or more (full-time enrollment).

Please do NOT submit the following:

  • DO not upload or send transcripts from continuing studies programs; extension schools; online courses; all other transcripts that reflect less than one year of a full-time degree program. These programs should not be listed under Academics: Educational History.
    • Applicants may included these documents under the Additional Information: Document Uploadssection on page 15 of the application.
Do transcripts have to be translated into English?

Your uploaded transcripts should be in English.

If the institution does not issue records in English, original language records must be submitted with official English translations. We accept translations issued by the institution or a professional translating service. Translations must be literal and complete versions of the original records. Transcripts submitted through a credentials evaluation service will also need to be accompanied by the original documents.


International students do not need to submit transcripts via an evaluation service unless your institution does not offer these documents in English.

What is CHESICC?

Official transcripts from Chinese university's will now be processed via CHESICC and routed through graduate admissions application system. This service is optional, however, it is preferable to receiving hard copy transcripts by mail.

If you choose to use this service, you will still need to upload your transcripts in the application and then proceed with the request to process your transcripts within the application. When your CHESICC electronic documents are processed and received by Stanford, applicants will not need to send official paper transcripts to the department.

Official Document Request:

In order to initiate the process for attaching official documents, please indicate that you have entered your complete and accurate educational history.

Yes, I have entered my complete and accurate educational history to the best of my knowledge.

This service costs $12 for the first document, and $10 each for any additional documents. All orders are final and non-refundable.




Note: Using this service will provide official validated documents to the department to which you are applying. You may either submit your request now, or after completing your application.
For further details, please visit:

Will the department return my official documents to me if I am not admitted?

Application materials, once submitted as part of your application, become the property of Stanford University. Materials will not be returned and copies will not be provided for applicants nor released to other institutions. Please keep a copy for your records.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Is financial aid or department funding available for Statistics Master's students?

Masters Students are expected to fund their course of study at Stanford in its entirety. Applicants are very strongly advised to apply for external fellowship support early in the application process so that the funding decision is known before the admissions process is complete.
Financing the Degree

Does the department match or provide supplemental funding to applicants who receive fellowships from external organizations?

The Department of Statistics does not match or supplement fellowship funding.

Does the department have R.A. or T.A. positions available for Masters students?

The Department of Statistics does NOT offer Research or Teaching Assistants (RA/TA) to master’s students. These positions are for Statistics doctoral students only as part of their training.

Masters students are advised not to depend on obtaining an assistantship as significant source of financial support. 

What is the tuition rate (unit cost) for the M.S. program?

Tuition rates for the current academic year can be found in the Stanford bulletin: Registrar's Office: Student Affairs - Tuition & Fees

Graduate tuition increases (approximately) 3.5% each year, therefore you can calculate the cost of tuition based on the current year's rate. Minimum enrollment for graduate students is 8 units per quarter. Most students take 10 units per quarter and can finish in 5 quarters by enrolling in the 8-10 unit tuition bracket.

Note: Estimated living costs while attending Stanford:


Please be sure to also review the estimated cost of living at Stanford (or the Bay Area):;

Is there a different tuition rate for international students?

No. Graduate tuition rates are the same for U.S. citizens/permanent residents as it is for international graduate students. Graduate programs within the School of Humanities and Sciences (Statistics) are assessed the regular graduate tuition rate.

Where can I find information about the estimated cost of living at Stanford?

Please visit Estimated Expense Budget for information about the estimated cost of living on-campus as a graduate student (this is only an estimate; your actual expenses may differ).

What is the Knight-Hennessy Scholars fellowship?

A scholarship opportunity for any applicant who has aspirations of major impact on society. In their words, "Knight-Hennessy Scholars will prepare a new generation of leaders with a deep academic foundation and the broad skill set to develop creative solutions to effect positive change in the world." Criteria:

Any full-time graduate applicant to any graduate program at Stanford are eligible to apply for this fellowship. Applicants must apply to the K-H Scholars program deadline.

What are my chances of being admitted and obtaining the Knight-Hennessy Fellowship?

The Department does not provide assessment of an applicant's prospects of admission. The Knight-Hennessey fellowship is a university-wide opportunity and not governed by the Statistics department.

Questions about the Knight-Hennessy Fellowship should be directed to the program’s office:




Please note: Determination and notification of Knight-Hennessy awards is separate from department admission decisions.

Will I have a better chance of being admitted if I obtain a fellowship or provide proof of financial aid?

The admissions committee does not consider an applicant's financial situation when deciding admission for the Statistics or Data Science program.

Will applying for financial aid affect my admission?

The department's admissions committee does not consider an applicant's financial situation when deciding admission.

Do international applicants need to send financial statements for proof of funding in order to apply?

Please do not send any financial documents to the department. We do not require evidence of financial support during the application process.


Admitted applicants who require a student visa will need to show proof of funding before Stanford will issue the student visa.

Proof of funding must be a minimum of 1 year of tuition at the 11-18 unit rate, plus living expenses.

3 (academic quarters) x 11-18 unit rate

Plus living expenses for 3 quarters (9 months) .

Graduate tuition rates and fees schedule.



Estimated cost of living

Where can I find information about graduate (campus) housing at Stanford?

Please visit Student Housing for information about campus housing at Stanford, including information on eligibility, application process, and deadlines.


Applying for housing

Does the Statistics department offer financial aid to individuals with U.S. military or veteran status?

The department does not have funding to provide financial assistance to students in the Masters program. The School of H&S provides an annual award to supplement the Chapter 33 base tuition benefit; however, the amount of institutional contribution varies by school and program at the graduate level.  Annual Funding chart of the breakdown by school and program. The VA matches Stanford's contribution.

Stanford University bulletin:

The Post-9/11 GI Bill, also known as Chapter 33, is the most commonly used VA educational benefits program at Stanford. This program provides funding for tuition, required fees, books and housing. The level of an individual student’s Chapter 33 benefits is determined by the qualifying veteran’s length of military service since 9/11/2001. Eligible students may also receive funds through the Yellow Ribbon Provision.

Most of the VA educational benefit programs pay benefits directly to students on a monthly basis.  However, under the Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33), the VA sends tuition and fees benefits to Stanford, where the Financial Aid Office is responsible for applying the funds to the student account (university bill). Chapter 33 books and housing benefits are sent directly to students monthly. Students may need to apply the housing benefits to the university bill to pay for on-campus room and board.

Yellow Ribbon Provision

Stanford elects on a yearly basis to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Under this provision Stanford provides an annual contribution to supplement the Chapter 33 base tuition benefit. The VA matches Stanford's Yellow Ribbon contribution. For graduate and professional students, the amount of Stanford's Yellow Ribbon contribution varies by school and program; see the Yellow Ribbon information on the University Registrar's web site. Also, see the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs Yellow Ribbon web site for additional information.

Admissions Examinations

Do I need to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)?

The Statistics M.S. degree application only requires the General GRE. Please arrange to take the exam early to ensure that your scores reach us by the application deadline. If you will not have your unofficial scores by the deadline, then it will be too late for you to apply. We cannot update an applicant's scores after the application deadline.


ETS has introduced a solution for students who have been impacted by the coronavirus to take the TOEFL iBT® test and the GRE® General Test at home until test centers can reopen. For more information, please visit the ETS website.


Required Exams page:

Information on GRE/TOEFL registration, test centers and dates, can be found on the ETS website.

Graduate Admissions guidelines for Reporting Scores. Scores must be submitted before their respective expiration dates. No scores are valid beyond the date ETS will send or resend them to schools.

Stanford University code is 4704. No department code is needed, but if you must, use the same code: 4704.


ETS scores sent to the University may take 2-3 weeks to be matched to the applicant's SUBMITTED application.


For tests taken on or after July 1, 2016, scores can be reported up to five years following your test date. For example, scores for a test taken on July 3, 2018, are reportable through July 2, 2023.

Is the GRE subject test required?

No, it is not required for the Master's application. Most of our applicants do not take a GRE subject test. For applicants interested in taking the subject test, we recommend the engineering, math, economics, computer science or other science subject tests.

My GRE/TOEFL scores are not recent. Will you accept them?

Please make sure to have your electronic scores sent to Stanford prior to their expiration date.

GRE scores are valid for approximately five years from the exam date.
TOEFL scores submitted to Stanford must be from a test taken within the last 18 months. (If your scores are still valid, but are close to the 18 month cut-off, please submit them to Stanford as soon as you start your application.)
ETS will not send scores that have expired.

Is there a minimum GPA or GRE exam score in order to be considered for admission?

The Statistics Department does not have a minimum GPA or GRE score requirement. The evaluation of each applicant is based on all the materials in the file and is not exclusively based on exam scores.

Can the department waive the GRE exam requirement?

Admission to the Statistics Department requires the GRE general exam. ETS has introduced a solution for students who have been impacted by the coronavirus to take the TOEFL iBT® test and the GRE® General Test at home until test centers can reopen. For more information, please visit the ETS website.


For those who are ineligible for the at-home testing, you may submit a request to waive the GRE exam via email to Please describe the circumstances preventing you from taking the GRE general exam.

The department's admissions coordinator will verify your eligibility for the test waiver and send instructions to bypass the Test information in the application.


Applicants who have earned, or will earn, a doctoral degree (or equivalent) by autumn quarter start  can request to waive the GRE exam. Please email the department's admissions coordinator ( to confirm eligibility for the test waiver. Instructions will be sent to bypass the Test information in the application.


What are the average GRE and TOEFL scores of admitted applicants

Average admissions exam scores (in percentiles) of admitted applicants:

Verbal 92%
Quantitative 97%
Analytical Writing 82%

Data Science:
Verbal 97%
Quantitative 97%
Analytical Writing 82%

Average TOEFL scores of admitted applicants for both programs: 110 Total, Internet-Based

Can the department waive the TOEFL exam requirement?

Please verify that you do not have to take the TOEFL by visiting the Graduate Admissions Required Exams.


Once you have received confirmation from the Graduate Admissions Office that your TOEFL waiver request has been approved, please remember to forward this notification to

Applications checklists can only be updated with the TOEFL exemption when the application has been submitted and official transcripts have been reconciled with application.

The TOEFL exemption can only be processed when the applicant has submitted their application and the department has received the official transcripts to verify eligibility of the exemption.

Note: To bypass the entry of TOEFL scores in the application, enter a future exam date. You can add in the Additional Information section of the application that you have received a waiver from Graduate Admissions.…


(The University does not accept IELTS scores.)

Can the IELTS be used instead of the TOEFL exam?
The University does not accept IELTS scores in lieu of the TOEFL.


COVID accommodation for TOEFL requirement:

Stanford will temporarily accept the TOEFL ITP Plus test with the Vericant interview for applicants from Mainland China who are unable to sit for the TOEFL iBT. This exception is requested only for the 2020-2021 application cycle. Applicants may be asked to re-test at a later time once the Stanford TOEFL iBT becomes available, or applicants may be asked to re-test through the Stanford Language Center. Per current University policy, all international students including those from Mainland China must receive English language clearance from the English for Foreign Students program prior to becoming a teaching assistant.…

Can the GMAT replace the GRE?

 No, we do not accept any tests in lieu of the GRE general.

What is the Statistics department code for test score reporting?

Stanford's institution code for the GRE and TOEFL is 4704,  you only need to send your scores to one Stanford code and it will be matched to your application.

(Please be advised, it can take up to 3 or 4 weeks for an applicant's official ETS scores to be reconciled with the submitted application.

Recommendation Letters

Whom should I ask to write recommendation letters?

 You must provide three letters and evaluations from faculty or others qualified to evaluate your potential for graduate study. At least one letter and evaluation should be from a faculty member at the last school you attended as a full-time student (unless you have been out of school for more than five years). Substitutions for faculty recommendations may include work associates or others who can comment on your academic potential for graduate work.

Entering the same recommender more than once will result in your application not moving forward for review. If after submitting your application you want to edit/change your recommender or change your decision on waiving the right to see the recommendation, proceed to your Activity Status page.


Individuals ought to be qualified to evaluate your potential for graduate study. We recommend applicants ask those who:

  • Know you well through significant, direct involvement during the last three years.
  • Will provide detailed anecdotes and examples to support their assertions.
  • Are truly enthused to write a recommendation for you and will spend sufficient time writing a thoughtful letter.

What not to submit:

  • letters verifying your employment status (past or current).
  • letters supporting employment or contractual work with a company/industry.
Can I send more than the required number of letters of recommendation?

The department only requires three letters of recommendation however, we suggest that applicants ask four recommenders to submit letters - well in advance - in case one of them is not able to submit the letter by the application deadline. The application can accommodate up to 6 letters of recommendation.

Can I submit LOR's via a letter service (e.g. Interfolio)?

Letters should be uploaded by the recommender themselves via the CollegeNet portal - NOT by the applicant.

Technical difficulties should be reported to CollegeNet at

We can accommodate letters submitted by your university's letter service (e.g. Interfolio). You will still need to enter information for each recommender in the online application, including e-mail addresses. An automatic email will then be sent to the recommender requesting a letter. You will need to contact them to let them know that they should follow your institution's letter service protocol. Please use this email address when routing through the letter service:

Problems regarding the Recommendation Info portion of the application can be resolved via collegenet:

We will not accept recommendation letters sent by the applicant.

What does it mean to "Waive Your Right to Review" when entering the names of my recommenders?

Your recommenders are required to submit their letters through the online application by the deadline of the round in which you apply. You are responsible for ensuring the letters are submitted on time. You will be able to see the status of each letter (either notified, started, or submitted). Students are able to send a reminder to any recommender who has not yet submitted.

Register your recommenders.
Go to the “Letters of Reference” tab on the application, and enter each letter writer’s information carefully. It is essential that you enter the letter writer’s email address correctly so that your recommender can access the instructions and form.
Read the waiver statement and determine whether or not you will waive your right to review each recommendation.
Your recommender receives an email with log in information.
Your recommender completes and submits his/her recommendation.
You and your recommender receive an email confirming the recommendation has been submitted.

Do not email, mail, or fax letters of recommendation that have already been submitted through the online application.

Waiving Your FERPA Access Rights

Once you are an enrolled student, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) provides you with a right of access to your education record, including letters of reference if they are retained by the school. The law also permits you to waive that right of access to your letters of reference if you so choose. Waiving your right of access to your letters of reference is optional; your decision to waive or retain that right will have no bearing on the handling of your application.

The recommenders whom you notify will be able to see whether or not you have waived your FERPA right of access during the letter of reference submission process. You must waive or retain your rights of access to your letters of reference (using the online application system) before you invite recommenders to submit information for you.

Personal Statement

What do I write about in my statement of purpose?

Please write a brief essay on the following subjects concerning you and your intended field of study:

  • Your statement of purpose should identify personal and professional goals.
  • It should also discuss your development to date and your intentions regarding graduate study and life beyond Stanford.

The admissions committee reads your statement of purpose with interest because, along with the letters of recommendation, it offers insight into who you are as an individual. Be sure to include your past work on relevant issues, research projects you have completed with faculty (with a faculty member who is writing a letter of reference for you), areas of research you're interested in and would like to pursue.  The statement of purpose should not exceed two pages, single-spaced.

(single or double spaced line spacing; 12pt font; 1 inch (2.54 cm) margins).

Where can I include my resume and other supplementary documents in the application?

If you have any academic or professional articles you've had published, including those you have recently submitted, you may wish to upload an abstract of your work** in your application under Additional Information in the Document Uploads section on page 15. This part of the application only allows one document to be uploaded (file size 10 MB max). We suggest you combine your document, including a table of contents page. Uploaded documents must have a top margin of at least one inch.

Include your full name and department to which you are applying at the top of the document.

(**This includes honors thesis/problem-sets/analytical skills/participation in hackathons/innovator/application developer competitions, etc.)

Application Submission

I submitted my ETS scores and mailed my transcripts, yet the status of my application is still incomplete.

An incomplete status may be due to several reasons:

  • Your ETS scores may not have been reconciled with your application yet. This process can take up to three weeks after the application has been submitted. The Statistics department has no authority in this process in any way.
  • Your transcripts have not yet arrived to the department.
  • Your transcripts have not yet been manually entered into your checklist by dept admin. Please realize that if you only recently submitted your application, we have not yet had time to enter your transcripts as received in your checklist. With the volume of mail received, please allow minimum of two weeks after the application deadline for checklists to be updated.
When are decision letters sent out?

The admissions decisions for Statistics Masters applicants are sent out by the end of March. Notification is sent via email only. All decisions are final.

If granted admission to the M.S. program, may I request a deferral?

Deferrals are not granted automatically; requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Requests are never granted for more than one year.


Please contact the department's student services officer if you have questions about requesting a deferral.

Is it possible to include supplemental documents after the application deadline?

The information you provide in your application upon submission should reflect your current academic/professional standing. Supplementary documents provided after this deadline will not provide further benefit to your overall application and any requests for document upload will be denied.


Do not email, fax, or mail supplemental application materials to our office: we will not review these items. Please do not email the department administrative staff or its faculty questions or attachments. These emails will be discarded.

What not to submit:

  • copies of your passport or other visa related documents.
  • financial documents; bank statements (personal or familial accounts)
  • government documents pledging financial aid/support.
  • photos of yourself.
  • personal webpages.
  • letters verifying your employment status.
  • letters supporting/verifying employment or contractual work with a company/industry.
I was not admitted. Can I discuss with someone to tell me why?

We are not able to provide individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

I applied to the MS or PhD program but was not admitted. Do I need to send a complete a new application if I decide to apply next year?

Yes, you must submit a complete application, pay the application fee and submit new letters of recommendation and official copies of transcripts.

ETS scores are kept on file for 5-years (GRE) and 20 months (TOEFL).

Will the department send my official transcripts back to me?

Application materials, once submitted as part of your application, become the property of Stanford University. Materials will not be returned and copies will not be provided for applicants nor released to other institutions. Please keep a copy for your records.