Emmanuel J. Candès

Barnum-Simons Chair in Mathematics and Statistics
Professor of Statistics
Professor, by courtesy, of Electrical Engineering
Joint Appointment or Affiliation:
Institute of Computational and Mathematical Engineering
Emmanuel J. Candès

Publishing in: compressive sensing, mathematical signal processing, computational harmonic analysis, multiscale analysis, scientific computing, statistical estimation and detection, high-dimensional statistics. Other topics of recent interest include theoretical computer science, mathematical optimization, information theory, applications to imaging sciences and inverse problems.

Graduation Year
Dissertation Title
Ridgelets: Theory and Applications
Advisor Name
Committee Names
Johnstone, Papanicolaou

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Or, according to Emmanuel Candès, combining quantile regression and conformal prediction has produced "the most informative, well-calibrated range of predicted values that I know how to build."
The IEEE Board of Directors has selected Professor Candès along with his colleagues Terence Tao at UCLA and Justin Romberg at the Georgia Institute of Technology as co-recipients of this award in recognition of outstanding achievements in signal processing.