Rob Tibshirani awarded ISI Founders of Statistics Prize

Professor Tibshirani has been named as the 2021 recipient of the ISI Founders of Statistics Prize for Contemporary Research Contributions. The International Statistical Institute initiated this award in 2013 as the Karl Pearson Prize to celebrate excellence and the impact of contemporary statistical research; it is newly renamed to honor the many founders of statistics and continues to recognize those contributions with profound influence on statistical theory, methodology, practice, or applications. Awarded every two years with a ceremony and lecture by the recipient at the ISI World Statistics Congress, the highlighted contribution takes the form of a research article or book published within the last three decades. Rob's paper, Regression Shrinkage and Selection via the Lasso (1996), is credited with introducing this method of regression analysis to the field of statistics, along with coining the term. We offer our hugest congratulations to him!